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Energy transitions - headlines

•The Energy Transition is Here •IEA Report: Wind and Solar Can Carry Bulk of Energy TransformationT•he Economics of Grid Defection •Industry-funded report calls for changes to German energy policy •Coal Crunch Gives Impetus to India's Solar Switch •Food and …

Renewed Energy for Renewables  

A couple of decades who could have imagined that a gust of wind wafting across a Wyoming plain could power an air conditioner as far off as Southern California? But it very well may be happening soon.

Political Analysis – Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth

 Richard Heinberg discusses the impact energy development on the environment along with ideas for transforming the energy narrative.

Photovoltaics: new policy challenges for Europe

Using a simple cost model this article shows that PV technologies can indeed supply electricity to the grid for less than 0.10 €/kWh in large swaths of the continent...

Solar Tree: engagement through art   

There were several objectives behind making the Solar Tree but the foremost was to find new and interesting ways to engage households on energy issues.

PV or not PV  

This weeks our guest is Dr Marco Raugei. We discuss his work on renewable energy, in particular his work on the current state of Photovoltaic or PV systems.

The Perils of Electricity Capacity Markets

The high capital cost and zero fuel cost of renewable projects forces the risk of ownership onto investors, while the near-zero capital cost and high fuel cost of older fossil fuel plants pushes risk onto consumers.

Energy transitions - headlines

•Air Pollution Concerns Halt Enormous Coal Plant In China •Solar power to trump shale, helped by US military •German Utilities Hammered in Market Favoring Renewables •Analyst: Utilities Challenged By Spread Of Solar

Energy transitions - headlines

•Dick Smith vs Tim Flannery, and the solar revolution •Solar Energy Friendly Communities Help Mitigate Soft Costs •The Energiewende: An introductory look at Germany’s energy transformation •Solar Power Can Provide One-Third of U.S. West’s Energy Needs …

Why Is a Solar Panel in New Jersey 15 Times More Valuable Than One in Arizona?

Where renewables do the most good isn’t necessarily where they are the most productive.

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