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Intermittent Renewables Can't Favorably Transform Grid Electricity

Many people are hoping for wind and solar PV to transform grid electricity in a favorable way. Is this really possible?

How Conservative Texas Took The Lead in U.S. Wind Power

Innovative government policies have helped propel Texas into the forefront of wind energy generation in the U.S. But the main impetus for the Lone Star State’s flourishing wind sector is the revenue it has generated for landowners and local communities.

Eight Pitfalls in Evaluating Green Energy Solutions

Does the recent climate accord between US and China mean that many countries will now forge ahead with renewables and other green solutions? I think that there are more pitfalls than many realize.

Update on US natural gas, coal, nuclear, renewables

On August 6, I wrote a post called Making Sense of the US Oil Story, in which I looked at US oil. In this post, I would like to look at other sources of US energy.

Saudi America and a Nuclear Future?

We spoke with Chris Nelder in Extraenvironmentalist episde #76. This is the first part of a transcript prepared by EE listener Scott.

Renewed Energy for Renewables  

A couple of decades who could have imagined that a gust of wind wafting across a Wyoming plain could power an air conditioner as far off as Southern California? But it very well may be happening soon.

Study: Wind Turbines Are Much More Durable Than Previously Thought

Wind turbines can produce electricity for 25 years before needing an upgrade, according to new research out of the United Kingdom.

Energy Crunch: Gas, wind and hot air

Energy round-up including peak oil, what next for UK shale gas, and wind power records.

Energy transitions - headlines

•Dick Smith vs Tim Flannery, and the solar revolution •Solar Energy Friendly Communities Help Mitigate Soft Costs •The Energiewende: An introductory look at Germany’s energy transformation •Solar Power Can Provide One-Third of U.S. West’s Energy Needs …

Why Is a Solar Panel in New Jersey 15 Times More Valuable Than One in Arizona?

Where renewables do the most good isn’t necessarily where they are the most productive.

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