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Keeping local communities alive

Globalization is a doomed venture in the face of more and more expensive energy costs, unfortunately before it falls apart it may destroy the local communities which will be the base of any alternative arrangements. 

Sustainability Sucks

Framing a project or a business as "sustainable" no longer serves us.  The dominant use of the word has ceased to mean what some of us orginally intended and, in fact, the term has been co-opted and watered down in many cases.  Labelling something "sustainable" may …

The man who ate himself: An agricultural fable

The beetle sighed. "This is all something you once knew, I think. It is something all beings have known from the beginning of time...It is a pity, this forgetting of yours."

What permaculture isn’t — and is

Permaculture is notoriously hard to define.

Worldwatch Institute Symposium - April 2013 Is Sustainability Still Possible?

On Tuesday, April 16, the Worldwatch Institute held its seventeenth annual State of the World Symposium to launch its latest book, State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible? As contributors to the book, Pat Murphy and Faith Morgan were invited to attend the event, where Pat spoke …

Toward Resilient Architectures 3: How Modernism Got Square

True resilience does not result from artistic metaphors, or by sticking veneers over the same failing industrial model.

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