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Leaving our "Extractivist" past behind is about survival

Naomi Klein: “We are told that selfishness and short-sightedness is part of human nature, which prevents us acting. This is not true and it steers us away from an analysis of our [capitalist] system. In fact, the fight for survival is human nature.”

Corruption, resources, climate and systemic risk

Corruption like that revealed in the Panama Papers pales in comparison to the kind that threatens to undermine the very material underpinnings of our society.

A critique of Leigh Phillips’ assertion of the Tech-Fix Ecomodernist faith

“Ecomodernism” assumes that by accelerating modern technologies economic growth can continue and high living standards can be achieved for all, while resource and ecological problems are solved.

Pope Francis's Ecological Vision: A Sojourner's Guide to the Closed World

As remarkable a document as his Encyclical Letter is, even more significant is the reception of the Pope’s ecological manifesto by liberals and progressives around the world.

10 Successes of the Sustainability Movement to Date

What are some of the successes of the sustainability movement? What exactly can sustainists hang their hats on?

Sustainability Metrics, Growth Limits, and Philanthropy

Humanity is approaching a time when philanthropy will be more needed than ever, to address proliferating environmental and humanitarian crises. Yet our existing philanthropic model depends upon growth, via returns on financial investments.

Slow Money: Land, Local and Language  

We first hear from a panel with poet, farmer and author Wendell Berry, Maine Representative Chellie Pingree and Louisville, KY Mayor Greg Fischer. Then, a session on culture covers how our society is shaped by expectations and approaches to food. Our final piece from the conference features …

A Degrowth Response to an Ecomodernist Manifesto

From a degrowth perspective, technology is not viewed as a magical savior since many technologies actually accelerate environmental decline.

Getting from Here to There

Business-as-usual is sure to deliver us a future that is both unsustainable and undesirable, with climate change arguably our most pressing problem.

The Psychological Dimension to Sustainability

As the 21st century unfolds it is increasingly clear that we are entering more deeply into times of travail.

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