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Slow Money & the new Beetcoin

We need to learn how to earn, save and invest a new kind of coin. Consider BEETCOIN.

Fair Coop

Imagine an online cooperative that supports economic equality around the world and is free from state control. This is the vision for

Faircoin as the First Global Commons Currency?

A key element of the Fair-Coop vision is a cryptocurrency, Faircoin, which has been designed to adapt the block-chain technology of Bitcoin with a more socially constructive design.

Visions of a techno-leviathan: The politics of the Bitcoin blockchain

Bitcoin sometimes appears akin to an illegal immigrant, trying to decide whether to seek out a rebellious existence in the black-market economy, or whether to don the slick clothes of the Silicon Valley establishment.

Back-up currencies: the solution to our euro woes?

One currency seems not to be able to serve every human need alone.

Reconomy: Where Cash takes a Back Seat   

We used to live in a world where money was the thing that enabled things to happen. But with dollars becoming more and more scarce, success will only come if we develop a myriad of alternative economies to empower our work.

Ethical Money and The Great Separation

In a self-serving attempt to be recognised as a science, orthodox economics treats human input to its economic models as soulless homogeneous stereotyped behaviours and values.

Can Complementary Currencies Level the Gender Gap in Slums?

Resilience and ingenuity are trademarks of impoverished communities here in Kenya. When we first introduced Bangla-Pesa it had a few ups and downs, but now it is being used in ways we had never imagined.

In each other we trust: coining alternatives to capitalism

Beyond God and state, it’s money that rules. Can we still imagine alternatives?

The Story of the Bristol Pound

What would it be like if we did a local currency at scale, across a whole city? What would it be like if we had an 
electronic means of exchange as well as a paper currency?

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