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Can Complementary Currencies Level the Gender Gap in Slums?

Resilience and ingenuity are trademarks of impoverished communities here in Kenya. When we first introduced Bangla-Pesa it had a few ups and downs, but now it is being used in ways we had never imagined.

In each other we trust: coining alternatives to capitalism

Beyond God and state, it’s money that rules. Can we still imagine alternatives?

The Story of the Bristol Pound

What would it be like if we did a local currency at scale, across a whole city? What would it be like if we had an 
electronic means of exchange as well as a paper currency?

Solar Coin – a crypto currency designed to stimulate solar energy production

Solar Coin is a crypto currency specifically intended to stimulate solar energy production.

Coworking Spaces Use Alternative Currencies To Magnify Community

In order for sharing to be a successful alternative to the status quo, we need one important ingredient: people. Sharing requires a motivated, passionate community, whether physical or digital.

Alternative Currencies and Financial Practices

The current financial system is addicted to growth, through such things as the debt-based creation of money, the charging of interest upon debts, and the growth assumptions embedded in the valuation of shares and other financial assets.

Credibles Crowdfunds Credit for Food Businesses

Credibles' brilliant model is one part loyalty program, one part Slow Money investment, one part crowdfunding campaign, and one part credit currency.

Designer Currencies and Behaviour Change

A delegate to the recent Community Currencies conference in The Hague proposed that changing behaviour should be the ‘fourth function of money’, so it may be timely to explore the implications of this line of thinking a little further.

Print your own money

The economy is big news, and a big worry. But there are as many economies as we need. There are global, national, regional, and neighborhood economies. There are economies for greed, destruction, and exploitation, as well as for generosity, creativity, and love. And there are as many types of …

A Visit with the Bitcoin Foundation’s Top Scientist

Gavin Andresen, the lead scientist for the Bitcoin Foundation (and one of its only two staff members) sat down with a few of us at the UMass Amherst Knowledge Commons meeting on Wednesday.  Having read so much hype and misinformation about Bitcoin over the past few months, I was excited to …

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