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Lost in Participation: Land Use Planning Suffers Without Local Knowledge

Reliance on physical, structural measures has dominated public policies and permeated public perception while traditional mitigation knowledge and strategies have declined.

Efficiency Is Not the Enemy of Resiliency

On a simplistic level, efficiency is maximum (or optimal) output with minimum waste.

Thoughts on Localism and Resilience

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak to the "Resilience Group," an informal gathering of environmentalists, activists, and interested others that meet regularly at the home of Wes Jackson, in Salina, KS. My short remarks gave rise to a robust and enlightening discussion, or so I thought.

Six Foundations – Presentation to Community Action Partnership

American towns and cities face a series of economic, environmental, and social justice challenges that hit the most disadvantaged communities especially hard.

What are the Essential Elements for Successfully Building Community Resilience?

Introducing Six Foundations for Building Community Resilience, PCI’s new report which describes how communities can approach the full scope of the 21st century’s challenges equitably and sustainably.

Resilience and Collapse: Notes from Cyprus

Whatever we do in Cyprus doesn’t really stay in Cyprus. It’s like the effect gets multiplied and spread, from here to the nearby regions, and from there on.

Beliefs Matter: Resilience Reflections with Erik Lindberg

Beliefs matter. So do stories. My inspiration often comes from the written word, and I’ve long been interested in writers who revel in the complexity of beliefs, understand how adept humans are at self-deception, but nevertheless provide a useful roadmap.

Resilience in the face of Climate Change   

Resilience is a common principal of permaculture, says Dave Boehnlein, co-author of the book Practical Permaculture.

Little Normals

Resilience means seeking out the little normals – the constants in human nature, including the behaviors, institutions, and durable scales, that have stood the test of time – and reengaging with them meaningfully.

Sailors and Solomon Islanders: Working together to take on Climate Change

After two weeks of workshops and meetings, this group had come up with their Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the village. 

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