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Resilience, impact, and learning

Resilience is about the capacity of a system to be able to respond to change.

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What is resilience and why do we need it?

The Heart of Urban Resilience is Trust, Not Technology

It is no wonder that there was a new energy in the debate concerning the question of resilience, and how to ensure that if -- and when -- such disasters arrive again, we are more prepared.

Reflections on Resilience

Building resilience into our food systems is fundamental, if society is to adapt to the consequences of climate change.

New UN Report Is Cautious On Making Climate Predictions

Batten down the hatches; fill the grain stores; raise the flood defenses. We cannot know exactly what is coming, but it will probably be nasty...

Building Thriving, Resilient Communities Guide

More than just inspiring stories, this collection contains tools—practical, tested, hands-on ways you can begin making your community more resilient.

Resilience headlines

•Resilience: how to change to resist change •For Land and Life: 25 stories of Indigenous resilience that you might’ve missed in 2013 •33 cities named to resilient cities network

Sustainability Sucks

Framing a project or a business as "sustainable" no longer serves us.  The dominant use of the word has ceased to mean what some of us orginally intended and, in fact, the term has been co-opted and watered down in many cases.  Labelling something "sustainable" may …

Is "antifragile" better than "resilient"?

"Antifragile" is a word you can't find in the dictionary. Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author and student of probability and risk, coined the word because, after looking at languages across the world, he could not find a word which describes the ability to improve with stress rather than …

Rob Hopkins Introduces New Yorkers to the Transition Movement

As Rob Hopkins explained to a small NYC audience, the Transition movement is increasingly focused on local economic development.  Reports on localizing food production, energy conservation and renewable energy capacity set out next steps toward a new green economy.

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