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Building Walls Cannot be the Answer

As much as building walls cannot be the answer to the horrible situation of refugees seeking asylum in Europe, it cannot be the means of choice for protecting national economies either.

7 Paths to Development That Bring Neighborhoods Wealth, Not Gentrification

In cities across the nation, a few enjoy rising affluence while many struggle to get by.

The Benefits of Localism

A “pollinator” is a social enterprise with an explicit mission to support other local businesses—and it does so in a way that is self-financing.

Resilience and Collapse: Notes from Cyprus

Whatever we do in Cyprus doesn’t really stay in Cyprus. It’s like the effect gets multiplied and spread, from here to the nearby regions, and from there on.

Why Local Ownership Matters  

In this episode, Local Bites interviews Stacy Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance to talk about the multiple social, economic and environmental benefits of local business ownership and community-scaled financial institutions.

Think Like A Commoner

A community’s identity is inevitably entangled in its geography and its buildings, its history and its leaders.

How Corporate “Free” Trade Treaties Threaten Local Communities And Economies Worldwide

In this episode host Brian Emerson interviews Helena Norberg-Hodge on how "free" trade treaties undermine local communities, economies and democracies around the world.

The International Year of Quinoa

A central premise of the Southern Willamette Valley Bean and Grain Project is the exploration of bean, grain, and edible seed varieties that can be added to those that are already grown in the Willamette Valley. The goal is to increase the diversity of staple crops as a way to add resilience to …

Permaculture Possibilities  

In Extraenvironmentalist #58 our correspondent Kevin joins us to cover permaculture approaches to our global challenges.

Learning to Look at the Sky Again

“Because you gave names to everything you found, and came up with logos for bad ideas, and woke up early for conference calls, and changed your car every two years, and it was no progress at all/just a shadow festival/because of that you will have to learn to look at the sky again, you …

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