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The Climate Crisis and Economic Policy Choices

A major issue in climate economics is whether it is possible to halt the growth in carbon emissions and to achieve, instead, a rapid reduction.

Prejudice, Ignorance and Granfalloons – Society in the Trump Era

But what does it mean to say that a society becomes “more complex”?

Living in Unpredictable Times

Economists make forecasts about what is going to happen in the world of that great God – money.

Rocking the Google Bus  

Companies like Twitter can make billions of dollars in revenue while providing a widely used service and still be considered a financial failure.

The Growth Trap

Every economy, every self-organizing system which is not also self-limiting within the bounds set by its environment, grows until it exceeds the ability of that environment to support and sustain it.

Review: Dark Peak by George R. Fehling

George R. Fehling's novel Dark Peak is both an effective thriller and a heartfelt eco-polemic.

Why I'm Not Devastated

So what if, to the extent we live in a place where we can, we turn disappointment and bitterness into deep, perhaps sad, reflection? 

Adultum – A Critical Narrative at the End of Growth and a Name for the Coming Age

Degrowth is usually translated into German as “Postwachstum” (post growth) or “Wachstumsrücknahme” (reversing growth), but it can also be translated as “ausgewachsen” (grown up).

The Fallacy of Economic Growth

Political elites, both on the Right and on the Left, seem to agree on the necessity of constant economic growth, even at the cost of ecological catastrophe. They say we need growth in order to deal with present social problems, but can it be that this narrative is a fallacy?

Exploring the Gap Between Business-as-Usual and Utter Doom

As long as we’ve had language—for tens of thousands of years, at last estimate—we’ve been able to formulate the question, “What will tomorrow bring?”

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