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Landscapes Transform With the Arrival of the Colorado River

The Colorado River returns to the delta - in photos.

Water for the Delta

On Monday, March 24, I leave on a trip to witness an event I never thought I’d see: the Colorado River flowing through its delta toward the sea.

Swarms of Earthquakes Shake Up Shale Gas Fields

The locals call it "incoming," and some compare the violence of the tremors to living in a war zone. Others say it's like having their homes hit by a truck. The scene is north Texas...

West Virginia’s Elk River Chemical Spill and How We Measure Progress

It’s a cruel irony for the 300,000 West Virginians forced to turn off their taps for five to ten days... will count as a plus according to...GDP.

Ecological Artist Basia Irland and Her “Ice Books” Engage Communities and Restore Rivers

Basia Irland is a sculptor, poet, and installation artist who has focused her creativity on rivers for thirty years.

Scientists Plan for Grand Experiment in the Colorado River Delta

Once written off as dying of thirst and beyond revival, the delta of the Colorado River is slated to get a rejuvenating flood that for scientists offers a unique opportunity: the chance to study how plants, trees, birds, fisheries, and the vast delta ecosystem as a whole respond to an …

Stronger Efforts Needed to Reduce Nitrate Pollution in Mississippi River Basin

Despite growing concern over the last two decades about the low-oxygen “dead zone” that emerges each summer in the fisheries-rich Gulf of Mexico, the nitrate pollution at the root of the problem continues to rise.

Six Climate Conflict Hotspots that Could Impact Everyone

As climate change, urbanization, water and energy shortages grow more acute, there are a number of places around the globe where climate instability and water shortages threaten to spark conflict that will have global geopolitical and economic implications. Here are 6 of them.

Rivers and Stories

A book of river stories is, of course, an invitation to think about the relation between rivers and stories. It is also an occasion to think about the condition of the world's rivers, which we need urgently to do at this moment in the history of the human relation to the earth.

Food & agriculture - Feb 6

•Solar development absorbing Calif. farmland •A Free, Pick-Your-Own Orchard Takes Root in Los Angeles •New Report Shows Inextricable Link Between Food, Water and Energy •'Progaganda Gardening' at Incredible Edible Todmorden •Dairy Farms Suffer in US Shale Gas …