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A Year Without the Colorado River, as Seen by Economists

Imagine if each tap that delivered water from the Colorado River – whether to a farm, a factory, or a home – suddenly went dry for a year. What would happen to the West’s economy?

A Watershed Moment for Los Angeles

The timing might seem odd, even self-destructive. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti issued an executive order calling for his southern California city to cut its water imports by half within a decade.

Our watershed moment

We humans need water for life, we love it for leisure, we make art out of it; yet we also waste it, dirty it, privatise it, use it as a weapon and, most dangerously, stir it up brutally in the form of manmade climate change.

Fresh Water, Growth, Degrowth, and the Steady State Economy

I believe one of the major reasons the concept of a steady state economy is not gaining traction is the omission of the role of fresh water in the production and maintenance of all its ecosystem and economic goods and services.

World’s Large Cities Move Water Equivalent to Ten Colorado Rivers to Meet their Annual Water Needs

A new study has estimated that collectively the world’s large cities, defined as those with at least 750,000 people, move 504 billion liters (133 billion gallons) of water a day a cumulative distance of some 27,000 kilometers.

For Our Children's Earth... rebuilding the soil, sustaining the future.

Without soil, and the overlying atmosphere, with its 20% oxygen content, life on the surface of the earth could not exist. Certainly there would be no humans.

A Sacred Reunion: The Colorado River Returns to the Sea

 It is the first time in sixteen years that the Colorado River...will have reached its final, natural destination.

Wildfires in the Western U.S. Are on the Rise, Posing Threats to Drinking Water

For water managers, the new research is a clarion call to begin action now to safeguard water supplies originating in watersheds prone to fire.

Landscapes Transform With the Arrival of the Colorado River

The Colorado River returns to the delta - in photos.

Water for the Delta

On Monday, March 24, I leave on a trip to witness an event I never thought I’d see: the Colorado River flowing through its delta toward the sea.