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Does size matter? Measuring the impact of scale in US agriculture

We lack simple tools to compare systematically and scientifically the relative impact of farming at different scales.

The Energetic Basis of Wealth

Last year I did an analysis to try to understand whether it’s possible to feed the world sustainably. Today I’d like to try to understand what happens to countries as they must rely upon the sun for energy (and, indirectly, wealth).

Time to take ownership of the Anthropocene

Maybe you, too, know that feeling of despair that comes when learning of some catastrophic impact of climate change...

The Seed Underground

A delightful and thoroughly enjoyable read: in my many years of reading environmental books there aren't many I could say that about. I found The Seed Undergound on a table at the home of a member of Transition Mar Vista/Venice, at an open house (open garden) as part of last month's 100+ home …

The sanctity of food: Conscious eating as a spiritual practice

Throughout human history, particularly in indigenous cultures, food has been perceived as sacred. The word sacred is not a religious term but rather one that simply means “set apart” or not of the ordinary. It is also related to sacrifice which may mean that something is sacred …

Peak Moment 227: Farm Camp — Connecting Kids to Their Food     

Join the kids at Farm Camp! You’ll watch them care for turkeys and rabbits, listen to a harvest season story, and cook up applesauce. Campers have fun growing and preparing food and, best of all, eating the results. They raise veggies from seed to harvest and take field trips, like the …

Bill and Lou: A parable for saving our broken food system

Our society has become increasingly divorced from agriculture, and our assumptions about food and farming are too often based more on emotion or business interests than those of real, on-farm experiences and community decision-making about the food we raise and eat.

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