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Naomi Klein & the Let­down of the Leap Manifesto: Energy Depletion Dismissal is Just as Bad as Climate Change Denial (part 1/3)

Climate change denial is often decried for its destructiveness. But energy depletion dismissal – and by Naomi Klein of all people – could have consequences just as bad.

An Asteroid Called "Peak Oil" - the Real Cause of the Growing Social Inequality in the US

So, what was that "something" that changed everything in the early 1970s?

Peak Oil by Any Other Name is Still Peak Oil

One of the most compelling charts I have ever seen is the “Growing Gap” chart that used to appear on the front page of every ASPO Newsletter.

Oil reserves and resources as function of oil price

Motorists enjoy lower prices at the pump. How long will that continue?

Some Reflections on the Twilight of the Oil Age (part III)

The impact of the Tooth Fairy Syndrome is all the more felt in the main media and among politicians – with the end result that so many lay people (and many experts) end up highly confused about what to think and do about energy matters.

Is the Oil Industry Dying?

The ‘peak oil’ controversy is staging a come-back as the industry confronts higher costs—and low prices

An Updated Version of the "Peak Oil" Story

The Peak Oil story got some things right.

Some Reflections on the Twilight of the Oil Age (Part II)

Let's acknowledge that the situation we are in, as depicted in Part 1, is complex.

Some Reflections on the Twilight of the Oil Age: Part 1

As you no doubt can gather from the title, I am of the view that we do not have 50 years to agonise about oil.

Demand Destruction and Peak Oil

We are fully under the influence of petroleum demand destruction.

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