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Why "Supply and Demand" doesn't Work for Oil

A gradual switch to higher-cost energy products, in a sense, works in the opposite direction to a switch from beef to chicken. 

The "Syrian Sickness": What Crude Oil Gives, Crude Oil will Take Away

Crude oil had created modern Syria, crude oil has destroyed it.

Feeling the Elephant

Most people have heard the Indian tale about the blind men and the elephant.

The Global Oil Supply: Implications for Biodiversity?

The link between the global oil supply and biodiversity is not directly causal; rather, the two are elements of a broader and more integrated picture.

The Patience of the Sea

America just now, after all, has more than a little in common with an October day in Ocean City.

What’s up with the Global Economy, and Where Do we Go from Here?

It now appears that the grand yearly addition to total human wealth, the global GNP, is no longer growing.

Low Oil Prices - Why Worry?

The Peak Oil story we have been told is wrong. The collapse in oil production comes from oil prices that are too low, not too high.

Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?  

Whatever happened to “peak oil” – the assertion that the rate at which oil is extracted from the Earth is nearing a maximum or peak level?

Syria peak oil weakened government’s finances ahead of Arab Spring in 2011

While the attention of the world is on the refugee crisis we need to look at the causes of this mass exodus.

To Understand The Oil Story, You Need To Understand Exports

Over the past ten years, it has taken us trillions of dollars, basically, to keep us on an undulating plateau in actual crude oil production. What happens going forward?

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