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Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?

A few months from now, this blog will complete its tenth year of more-or-less-weekly publication. In words the Grateful Dead made famous, it’s been a long strange trip...

When Trucks Stop Running, So Does Civilization. Energy and the Future of Transportation

Virtually everything in our homes, everything in our stores, got there on a truck.

No Glut in Australian Petroleum Inventories

The Australian Capital’s daily newspaper Canberra Times started the New Year by reprinting an article of the Daily Telegraph referring to an abundance of oil – without checking whether this also applies to Australia...

We are at Peak Oil now; we need very low-cost energy to fix it

We are hitting something similar to “Peak Oil” right now.

What Geological, Economic, or Policy Forces Might Limit Fossil Fuel Production?

Is Peak Oil Dead and What Does It Mean for Climate Change?

Transition from Oil  

Mark Lewis, Former senior analyst for energy, climate, and sustainability research, Kepler Cheuvreux; former head of energy commodities research, Deutsche Bank.

Why "Supply and Demand" doesn't Work for Oil

A gradual switch to higher-cost energy products, in a sense, works in the opposite direction to a switch from beef to chicken. 

The "Syrian Sickness": What Crude Oil Gives, Crude Oil will Take Away

Crude oil had created modern Syria, crude oil has destroyed it.

Feeling the Elephant

Most people have heard the Indian tale about the blind men and the elephant.

The Global Oil Supply: Implications for Biodiversity?

The link between the global oil supply and biodiversity is not directly causal; rather, the two are elements of a broader and more integrated picture.

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