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The Collapse of Western Civilization: Review

Collapse is a scenario of decline. The question is whether it is a useful one.

Co-operatives Need to Confront Climate Chaos

The challenges for 2015 are the same ones we've failed as a movement to find solutions to, or even act on, for a very long time: climate change and the neoliberal politics of austerity.

California Drought and Strengthening El Nino Accelerate Statewide Water Transition

As perhaps the strongest El Nino on record forms in the eastern Pacific Ocean, public officials in California are preparing for a winter in which the state’s drought emergency might be interrupted by disastrous floods.

Islamic Leaders Take on Climate Change, Criticizing "Relentless Pursuit of Economic Growth"

A group of leading Islamic scholars have issued a declaration calling on the world's 1.6 billion Muslims to do their part to eliminate dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and turn toward renewable energy sources.

NOAA: July Was Hottest Month Ever Worldwide

July was a scorcher, globally speaking. Last month was the warmest on record worldwide with many countries and the world’s oceans experiencing intense heat waves, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said today in a report.

Sailors and Solomon Islanders: Working together to take on Climate Change

After two weeks of workshops and meetings, this group had come up with their Climate Change Adaptation Plan for the village. 

Inside Obama’s Clean Power Plan  

This week on Sea Change Radio we talk with two environmental reporters, Alex Guillén from Politico and Tim McDonnell of Mother Jones. They provide an overview of the climate plan and its goals, discuss some political and legal responses, and talk about how it may be viewed globally as we …

California First

California in the Great Drought is once again Exhibit A, a living diorama of how the future is going to look for a lot of us.

Farms and Food in an Era of Climate Change: Resilient Agriculture

Our current state is hazardous and our impending reality is escalating intensity.

Does One of the World's Most Abundant Animals Need Protection from our Appetite?

Barely longer than your thumb, weighing under an ounce and nearly translucent, delicate crustaceans known as krill are vital to ocean ecosystems around the world.

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