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Cold and Calculating: What the two Different Types of Ice do to Sea Levels

It was back in 250ʙⅽ when Archimedes reportedly stepped into his bathtub and had the world’s first Eureka moment – realising that putting himself in the water made its level rise.

State of The Transition, June 2016: A Long List of Advances, a Short List of Setbacks – including Brexit

The list of main setbacks for the global energy transition in June includes a potentially big one: Brexit.

BP: Global Coal Use Fell by Largest Recorded Margin in 2015

Global coal use fell by more than 70 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) – a 1.8% decline – in 2015, the largest annual reduction in records going back half a century, according to BP.

A Brief History of Climate Denial

The fossil fuel industry has spent many millions of dollars on confusing the public about climate change. But the role of vested interests in climate science denial is only half the picture.

The Dithering Age: Holocene, Anthropocene, and Chthlucene

If people just hear that humans are destroying the environment, they aren’t given much incentive to act or even think much.

What Would a Global Warming Increase of 1.5 Degrees Be Like?

The Paris climate conference set the ambitious goal of finding ways to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, rather than the previous threshold of 2 degrees. But what would be the difference between a 1.5 and 2 degree world? And how realistic is such a target?

It’s Happening: 2016 is the Year of Climate Disobedience

Something truly incredible is happening. We're only half way through it, but 2016 is a record-breaking year.

The Sustainability Commons: Using Open Source Design to Address Climate Change

A growing movement that combines open source design with sustainability is creating an exciting alternative to profit-driven, proprietary sustainability products.

Food Sovereignty and Climate Change

Industrial agriculture is grounded in the use of fossil fuel and high energy consumption. Campesino agriculture with an agro-ecological basis is the only force capable of achieving food sovereignty and responding to climate change.

State of the Transition, May 2016: Talk of twilight

World records tumbled in renewable energy this month.

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