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Energy Crunch - Businesses wake up to climate action

This week, the Queen's speech assured us that the new government would “seek effective global collaboration to sustain economic recovery and to combat climate change”.

No Climate Protection without Climate Justice; No Climate Justice without Degrowth

...[T]he...climate movement tends to deny...that renewables are unable to maintain our Western...consumer lifestyles on a global level.

Hijacking the Anthropocene

How the anti-green ‘Breakthrough Institute’ misrepresents science to advance a technocratic agenda and undermine grassroots environmentalism.

Claim the Sky!

By asserting that all of us collectively own the sky, we can begin to use the legal institutions surrounding property to protect our collective rights, charge for damages to the asset, and provide rewards for improving the asset.

Renewable Energy: Is That Where Salvation Lies?

It’s common to read on blogs dealing with global warming that the only thing preventing renewable energy from replacing fossil fuels in short order within the U.S. is the political muscle of the fossil fuel industries.

We Tried So Hard to Be Good

We tried so hard to be good, but it didn't work. Nothing was enough for you. You had to take it all. We're here to take it back.

Energy Crunch: the next five years

With a new UK government in place much sooner than expected, what do the next five years hold?

Despite drought, California is still bottling water for export

An inverted totalitarian position is in direct opposition to the ecological principles that have, in previous years, been part and parcel of the very fabric of California.

As Andes Warm, Deciphering The Future for Tropical Birds

Why do plants and animals segregate themselves by altitude?

Living with High Water in the Himalaya

The fabled Valley of Kashmir, encircled by the mountains of the Western Himalaya, is a high-altitude wetland in northernmost India. Battered by record floods in 2014, its people must renew their knowledge and practices, of craft and seasonal sustenance in a unique hydraulic environment.

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