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Review: 7 key scenes in Leonardo DiCaprio’s climate film Before the Flood

Before the Flood, a new feature-length documentary presented and produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, is released in cinemas tomorrow.

Oil & Money: Tackling Corruption and Climate Change

This week, senior executives of the oil and gas industry will be meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel in London for an exclusive conference named Oil & Money.

Pipeline Memo Guiding Trudeau Gov’t ‘Riddled with Mistakes’

In a detailed 10-page letter, B.C. economist Robyn Allan has warned Jim Carr, minister of Natural Resources, that the memo’s conclusions are “unreliable and yet, based on recent public statements, you have adopted them to conclude new pipelines, such as Trans Mountain’s …

Naomi Klein & the Let­down of the Leap Manifesto: It's Time We Divest From the Pipelines – the Pipelines of Film & Television (part 4/4)

There is no single extremely viable change we could make in our lives to combat fossil fuel consumption (and thus climate change) than ditching film and television.

Climate Change could Push Risk of ‘Megadrought’ to 99% in American Southwest

A megadrought spanning several decades could be almost certain to hit the American Southwest this century if greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed, a new study say

Why Standing Rock Is a Test for Obama—and All Climate Choices Ahead

Ten months ago, the United States told the world it was ready to do something about climate change. Enough talk. Time to act.

Naomi Klein & the Let­down of the Leap Manifesto: Live by the Camera & TV Screen, Die by the Camera & Movie Screen (part 3/4)

Do film and television provide a net befefit, or might they actually be an overall loss when it comes to climate change and other major problems of ours?

Trudeau and Climate: Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

The new face of Canada showed at Paris COP21 held out hope for many Canadians climate activists for a change of course on the climate. This week's announcements on national climate pricing falls far short of what is required for fighting climate change.

Point of No Return: Earth Reaches 400ppm Threshold Permanently

September's carbon dioxide output failed to drop below 400 parts per million (ppm) despite historically being the year's low point for CO2 emissions, which means the Earth has very likely passed that symbolic climate threshold forever.

Cap-and-trade? Not so Great if you are Black or Brown

Environmental justice advocates have long warned that “cap-and-trade” — a market-based strategy to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions — could hurt low-income communities of color. A preliminary report on California’s cap-and-trade program shows they …

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