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24 Ways to Invest Locally - tips 5-8

 4 more ways to strengthen your local economy.

Radical new collaborations for local economies

We’ve been working on the Trading Spaces concept for about a year. It's exciting to be sharing a year's worth of thinking about innovative ways of increasing collaborative activity on high streets (primary business streets) that doesn't rely on local residents to be simply consumers …

Peak Moment 222: Applying a peak oil filter to financial choices     

“If peak oil occurs, it will dominate most everything else that we do, because energy drives everything.”

Going Local in an Age of Globalization  

Michael Shuman at Climate One, a special project of the Commonwealth Club of California.

Strengthening Local Economies: Michael Shuman on Investing in Small Businesses – web event  

Not even 1 percent of Americans’ long-term savings are invested locally, largely because it’s just not possible under the current system. But what would our towns look like if a larger fraction of this $30 trillion were in local economies?

Local Dollars, Local Sense, an interview with Michael Shuman  

Post Carbon Fellow Michael Shuman joins KRUU’s Writer’s Voices show to talk about his latest book Local Dollars, Local Sense.

10 Reasons for Financial Optimism (If You Invest Locally)

Even though these are tough times for tens of millions of Americans, there’s reason for hope. That’s the message of my new book from Chelsea Green, Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity, which showcases dozens of ways …

How Bambi Beat Godzilla: A response to James Surowiecki

The mainstream’s view about small business is nicely encapsulated in the 1960s cult classic, “Bambi Meets Godzilla.” In 90 mesmerizing seconds Tokyo’s all-star quickly dispatches the cute Disney character with a single, pulverizing stomp.

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