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Millennials and the Slave Economy

Similarities abound between today’s declining civic ethos and mid nineteenth century, pre Civil War era human flesh markets starting with America’s contemporary desperation class composed of minimum wage workers toiling in America’s most praised corporations (e.g. Wal-Mart …

Confronting the “System Problem” Cooperatively

Let me offer three concrete, somewhat controversial and possibly enlightening cases of “planning” for consideration as models, and then ask whether they are, or could be, acceptable as “participatory” and/or as “centered within the co-op movement”.

Planning must be centered in the cooperative movement

Certainly co-ops should meanwhile engage with government on some essential tactical projects (e.g. tax issues); however, we must avoid strategic entanglement – being unable to part ways with processes that no longer meet the needs of co-ops and their members.

Hegemonic Resistance to Change

“Know your enemy” has always been central to winning any struggle.

The Commons and Co-operative Commonwealth

Land is part of the global commons like water, air, language, knowledge and culture.

Cooperatives: A Historical and Cross Cultural Perspective

The cooperative movements represent large, diverse alternatives to the dominant private-ownership model and the cooperative ideal has resurfaced many times during the history of modern industrial development.

New Tech as a Force Multiplier and Equalizer: Bootstrapping the Alternative Economy

New Tech… explores the untapped potential of an alternative economy to dismantle and supplant the Moloch Capitalism of our current economic arrangement with a federation of cooperatives and networked open-source micro-manufacturing.

Cooperative Co-Production of Solar Power in a Small Town

A vexing problem for many potential commons is the lack of startup capital to get a project going while nurturing the social structures to organize participation and work.

Democratising capital at scale: cooperative enterprise and beyond

Faced with spiralling social, economic and environmental problems, many people are turning to economic democracy for solutions. But what shape should this democracy take?

Northern Italy and the republican tradition

The Emilia Romagna region in northern Italy gives an insight into how a republican economy might look in practice. The whole infrastructure is significantly geared towards cooperative production without any sign of lost efficiency.

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