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Five Women-Run Co-ops Pushing Back Against the “Feminization of Poverty”

Cooperative development is one tool in the community wealth-building strategy toolbox that...can help lift low-wage workers, and especially women, out of poverty.

The Great Promise of Social Co-operatives

The austerity agenda is often presented as inevitable, which is really just a way for corporatists and conservatives to dismiss any discussion or debate.

US Cities Building Community Wealth and Cooperative Local Economies

Exciting news from Jacksonville, Florida, New York City, Austin, Texas and Richmond, Virginia.

Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Thought and Practice

Collective Courage has enabled all of us to reclaim a part of our humane past (and present) that can do that just that; may many others, from many cultural loyalties, draw from their own cooperative histories with the same lucidity and resolve.

Creating a Cooperative Culture

Mondragón and the Madrid co-ops had some lessons to share about about how to create a culture of democratic participation.

Cooperative Enterprise and System Change

The years since the financial crisis have been good to cooperatives.

Jackson Rising Merges Black Power, Solidarity Economy and Democracy

...the ‘Jackson Rising’ conference in Jackson, Mississippi...was a highly successful and intensive exploration of Black power, the solidarity economy and the possibilities unleashed for democratic change when radicals win urban elections.

Black Farming, Self Determination and Resilience

Dr. Monica White – through her work on Black farmers and liberation movements – taught me (or reminded me, because it was in my ancestral memory) that there is a very powerful relationship between African Americans and the land that must be remembered.

The Benefits and Impacts of Cooperatives

Cooperative businesses are community-owned private enterprises that combine consumers with owners, and buyers with sellers in a democratic governance structure.

Interview: The Deep Roots of African American Cooperative Economics

Through her extensive research, Jessica Gordon Nembhard chronicles how African Americans used cooperative economic practices to help each other survive and how those practices related to the Black civil rights and economic equality movements.

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