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‘Are we there yet?’ The uncertain road to the twenty-first century.

A constellation of new technologies changed our ancestors’ lives 100 years ago, and haven’t changed fundamentally since then. Will these technologies remain possible for the next 100 years? An extended look at the work of Vaclav Smil.

Amazing New Energy Source: Introducing TREES

Scientists at the Climate/Energy Design and Research institute (CEDAR) have just announced the discovery of an astounding new energy source that promises to solve several of humanity’s thorniest dilemmas at once.

The Science of Peak Oil

One of the many barbs often pointed at peak oil proponents is that they are constantly shifting the goal posts. Peak oilers are accused of changing the definition of what peak oil actually means, therefore the entire concept of oil production peaking is rubbish. Far from a valid criticism …

Five energy surprises for 2015: The possible and the improbable

There is an outside chance that one or more will occur, and this would move markets and policy debates in unexpected directions.

Energy & The Financial System Presentation   

The financial system as an accelerator and multiplier of the economic and social impacts of energy depletion.

Bubble time: Friends and relatives act as if we've returned to business-as-usual

It is a testament to the psychological power of financial bubbles that people who know and trust me and generally accept the analysis I've put forth in my writings over the last decade are jumping into the stock market again with a pledge that they are in for the long term--no matter what.

America's Feel-Good Oil Bonanza

By now you'd think we'd be planning cautiously and conservatively for America's energy future. But thanks to the federal government's latest report on domestic energy, most everyone is again assuming that there's plenty of oil and nothing to worry about. Here's why it's dangerously wrong.

The Grand Challenge of the Energy Transition

How are we going to meet the challenge of functioning without fossil fuels?

Peak oil notes - Oct 10

A midweek update. Oil prices, which had remained relatively steady since the end of last week, plunged on Wednesday after the EIA released its weekly stocks report showing a 6.8 million barrel increase in US crude stocks – more than four times what analysts had been expecting.

Postcard from the frontline: a Canadian family physician on peak oil

A Canadian family physician's take on peak energy, peak food and peak population: "I became aware of peak oil five years ago, and since then I have been struggling to integrate this knowledge into my medical practice and family life."