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The Catalytic Effect of Community-led Action

Transition groups and other local community-led initiatives play a key role in engaging with and mobilizing local communities.

The impact we're having: Nicola Vernon of Transition Town Greyton

Our mantra is ‘Hands-on, heart engaged’. Whatever we do, it’s interactive or it just doesn’t take.

Reachable Moments: Transition-Interfaith Dialogue

The hundreds of millions of Americans affiliated with organized religion, 40 % of whom self-identify as "conservative," will be as affected as anyone else by accelerated climate change.

Business as usual is planetary suicide. Time to slay Zombie Big Oil

It's now increasingly recognised that the transition into the post-carbon era must involve not simply "adaptation" and "mitigation" but entail radical transformation of our societies at multiple levels.

Essential Knowledge for Transition: Money and Banking System   

The second in a 3-part series of teleseminars on economic transformation. Only a fundamental shift in the design of the monetary and banking systems will allow for a viable way of addressing increasing inequality, the mounting problem of public and private debt and make possible a shift …

George Marshall on communicating climate change following extreme weather events

How should Transition initiatives in communities hit by extreme weather talk about climate change with their neighbours?

Living with Climate Change: Karen Tracy in Joshua Tree

What does Transition look like in a place with just 4" of rain a year?

Paul Kingsnorth on living with climate change

Paul Kingsnorth wrote recently of the floods that have hit the UK, arguing that they represent the beginning of "a gradual, messy, winding-down of everything we once believed we were entitled to".

Introducing a month on Resourcing your Initiative

This month we will be exploring the theme of resourcing your group.

Andy Lipkis, the man taking on LA’s water system

The situation LA faces in relation to water is both stark and as clear an example of un-joined up thinking as you could hope to see.

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