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Unveiling the 2014 Transition Christmas TV Advert

I have sometimes been asked "if you had a prime time TV advertising slot to promote Transition, what would you put on it?"

Helping shape the planning process

 Transition Market Harborough's attempts to influence development in their town.

To Build a Movement, Build Community

Carolyne Stayton of Transition US, on reframing, reskilling, REconomy, and more.

The Birth of a Freestore

We discussed the idea of a FreeStore several times...Could we provide lived, joyful experiences of alternatives for those not involved in the work of Transition?

Why Transition is all about politics

Although Transition isn’t party political, it’s a global social movement that seeks to create massive social and economic change.

Stories of the Future - and Why They're Essential to Our Survival   

In this talk Sophy looks at the four stories, at the psychological reasons why they’re all important, and the overarching process that links them all. Participants will be invited to explore and develop their own future story.

Transition: time to emerge from under the radar?

..."Is Transtion political?"...Transition is absolutely political.

The Sharing Economy and Disaster Capitalism

Don’t you love it when the same publication carries conflicting reports about the economy, posted on the very same day?

Serving Community Enterprise with the ProAction Café

 As a response to the increasingly urgent need to create thriving local enterprises Transition Mar Vista/ Venice held its first Pro Action Café.

Stand up and be counted! Join the Community Resilience Challenge!

If you’re anything like me, your laundry list of things to do gets a little crazy about this time of year.

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