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Lived Crisis vs. Systemic Crisis: Notes on a "New Narrative"

A new narrative will need to be prickly enough to resist easy incorporation, yet warm and fuzzy enough to draw people in; difficult and rigorous in its concepts to make it relatively slogan-proof, yet accessible enough to engage a distracted people.

Flying to the US: was it worth it?

What I haven't yet seen is someone who did fly, writing with hindsight about whether the journey was worthwhile or not.

Visit McCaskill Street — Forging Community through Resource Sharing     

It all started with neighbors meeting to save money and share information around energy, water, food and more. It has grown into shared projects, shared tools and deepened friendships.

Rob Hopkins report from COP21 in Paris: Day Two

It was a magical moment, which in spite of the Paris police's ban on "outdoor activities", showed the creativity, positivity and comradeship that coming together can generate.

Sending Them a Message

If we want to “send a message to those who hate us,” here’s a new one: Come to our homes, share our food, allow us to wash your feet after your long journey.

Beliefs Matter: Resilience Reflections with Erik Lindberg

Beliefs matter. So do stories. My inspiration often comes from the written word, and I’ve long been interested in writers who revel in the complexity of beliefs, understand how adept humans are at self-deception, but nevertheless provide a useful roadmap.

Figuring Out Your Role: Talking Resilience with Sarah Byrnes

The challenge is always what's the particular role of an individual person or of an individual organization. The discernment process is something that everyone is working on, figuring out my role in this systems change.

What to Tell the Neighbors: Talking Resilience with Marissa Mommaerts

We can't have resilient communities if we don't have justice. We're only as resilient as those around us, whether that be our family, our neighbors, the neighboring community, or even the neighboring country.

What does REconomy look like ... in Portugal?

With more than 300.000 young adults between 20 and 35 in Portugal unable to find a satisfying place in the economy of their local community...a small team of Transição Portugal have explored how to connect people and their community in a support programme for young adults.

Of Yeast, Seeds, Fire and Dancing: The Release of Playing for Time

The evidence people are reading a book you’ve written is enough to make you swoon. Like a dish you’ve spent time cooking that proves to be edible and delicious - times about a million.

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