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Putting Boundaries on Selling Stuff

My theory of change is that governments are essential to controlling corporate power and that government is strengthened by civic rather than consumer action.

Share N Save: Putting “avoid” ahead of reduce, reuse and recycle

To truly get to zero waste, you'd need to go beyond recycling into reduce and reuse. In South Australia, they’re experimenting with how to take this one step further by adding “avoid” to the top of the waste management hierarchy.

How Whales Become Hazardous Waste

The main theme of a new documentary, Trashed: No Place for the major health danger posed by the 7 billion tons of garbage we discard every year.

The People's Design Lab – Taking the un-recyclable out of your bin

Even when you have done all you can to reduce, reuse and recycle items, there can be a frustrating amount of stuff still in your bin. The People’s Design Lab offers a new solution.

Much ado about phosphorus

The problem here is, that we’ve switched from a closed loop system where the waste from the farm house goes into the farm yard and all the phosphorus can recycle, to a linear system where the phosphorus gets mined...

So Much Wasted Energy - Rethinking food waste

Regardless of terminology, one point is writ clear: the most technologically and economically advanced cultures in the world have the highest rates of food waste on the planet

Energy from Waste

At the end of their useful lives, the products and materials we use should become the nutrients and ingredients of new products and materials in a waste-free cycle mimicking those found in the rest of the natural world. That’s just common sense and uncontroversial, isn’t it? Probably …

Getting passionate about a load of Rubbish

I was quite surprised when I went to my first Transition Town Shrewsbury Hub meeting at how many projects there were to do with waste. My previous Transition experience had led me to believe that very few people were really that interested in waste, except for the possibility of upcycling it …

Will We have Enough Water? Adapting to a Warming, Water-Stressed World

Post Carbon Fellow Sandra Postel recently gave a talk on 'Will We have Enough Water? Adapting to a Warming, Water-Stressed World' for the Moos Family Speaker Series on Water Resources.

Nuclear - Jan 17

•Britain’s nuclear powered trains •Fukushima: Fallout of fear •On second thought: IAEA re-categorizes the operational status for 47 of Japan's nuclear reactors •'Nuclear waste? No thanks,' say Lake District national park tourism chiefs •It's …