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Efficiency Is Not the Enemy of Resiliency

On a simplistic level, efficiency is maximum (or optimal) output with minimum waste.

Competing Visions of Sustainability: Scarcity or Abundance?

In this essay I explore how assumptions of nature’s Scarcity and Abundance underlie our visions of sustainability, and our prescriptions for action.

Gleaning: an Ancient Custom that May Return in the Future

Gleaning is an ancient tradition, deeply embedded in the agricultural world.

New Lives for Old Objects

In Montreuil, the Collecterie resource center is fighting waste by recycling trash—and generating jobs.

Recycling in the Anthropocene

Individualized recycling is a start but it is not doing nearly enough.

Sustainability for Whom?

Is eco-business leading us to ecological sustainability?

Socially Smart Sanitation

What if sanitation is not just about the kit? If sanitation solutions cannot be mass-produced at will, like a box of software, what, then, is the alternative?

Waste Not  

Hear about an online sharing system where no currency changes hands, and no new materials are used to make more stuff.

EcoBricks and Education

It began in Guatemala, and now a South African town is using recycling bottles as building material as part of an inspirational and regenerative campaign against rubbish

Putting Boundaries on Selling Stuff

My theory of change is that governments are essential to controlling corporate power and that government is strengthened by civic rather than consumer action.