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What the Disappearing Aral Sea Tells Us about the Value of Water

The satellite image of the Aral Sea recently released by NASA just about knocked my socks off. It wasn’t that the sea was shrinking; that’s been true for decades. It was how fast it was disappearing.

Rivers Need a Thorough Health Exam

It might be surprising that globally we don’t systematically monitor the health of our rivers. Imagine damming and diverting the arteries in our bodies without taking care to monitor the consequences. Our health would turn precarious, to say the least.

The Risky Rise of the Dams

With mining growth comes larger, deeper, more unwieldy tailings ponds, experts warn.

Groundwater Depletion in Colorado River Basin Poses Big Risk to Water Security

"We thought that the picture could be pretty bad, but this was shocking."

West-Slope Colorado Towns Restore Local Flows, Even as Thirsty Front-Range Lawns Drink From their Rivers

When residents in Denver, Colorado Springs and other cities on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains turn on their sprinklers to irrigate lawns, they rarely think about the fate of fish in the headwaters of the Colorado River on the other side of the Continental Divide.

An Innovative Conservation Fund for the Colorado River

The four largest cities that get their drinking water from the Colorado River are gearing up to pilot an innovative conservation scheme that pays farmers, industries and municipalities to reduce their use of the river’s water.

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California Drought: Is this the big one?  

Rainstorms finally arrived in California...but the big reservoirs are still pitifully low, and snow pack is less than a quarter of normal. Hundreds of thousands of acres will not be planted, and food bills will likely go up in North America, and possibly around the world.

Enough is Enough: Coal Pollution Spills Reveal a Water Safety Crisis

The West Virginia chemical spill underscores why we need to do more to safeguard our water supply.

Record Bitumen Seepage in Alberta Continues Unabated

The Alberta Energy Regulator is 100 per cent funded by industry.

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