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The energy revolution will not be televised

Energy transitions take time, a lot of time--far too much time to be shrunk down into a television special, a few talking points, or the next big energy idea. If, as Vaclav Smil contends, we are in for a long, slow slog on the path to a renewable energy economy, then the course with the least …

Time to stop investing in carbon capture and storage

Government investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a large and expensive fossil-fuel subsidy with a low probability of eventual societal benefit.

Energy Crunch: the truth about green levies

Despite the row about green levies the bulk of household energy costs are dictated by the cost of wholesale fuel, and investments in upgrading network infrastructure.

The Microgrid Solution

“The move to the smart grid is impossible to achieve in one big operational mass,”...“Breaking it into bite-sized pieces — this is the future of the microgrid market.”

When Risk Assessment is Risky: Predicting the Effects of Technology

Each new technology, regardless of benefits,brings its own risks. In many complex situations where there are multiple questions with poorly constrained answers, it is folly to expect that we can use formal risk assessments to guide current actions.

Germany's energy transition - Nov 20

•Germany Has Built the Clean Energy Economy That U.S. Rejected 30 Years Ago •The German nuclear exit

ODAC Newsletter Oct 5

News of Turkish military retaliation to a mortar round fired from inside Syria spooked oil markets this week. Former Arab League envoy to Syria Kofi Annan has warned that there is a danger that the Syrian conflict could spread and destabilise the region, although the Turkish Prime Minister said …

Smart Grid and Electric Cars & Greg Pahl's Power From the People  

Smart grids, electric cars and Power From The People.

Review: "Reinventing Fire" by Amory Lovins

This book continues the presentation of the Lovins perspective, essentially the claim that there is great scope for conservation measures and alternative technologies to solve our problems and enable maintenance of rich world economies and lifestyles. My notes indicate that it would be far too …

Whither peak oil?

An update is warranted to address comments from friends and followers - comments such as "Gee, I guess Peak Oil has been postponed?", or "I guess we don't have to worry about Peak Oil anymore!" Often they have a smile on their face ... The shale oil plays will reduce but not eliminate our …

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