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When Risk Assessment is Risky: Predicting the Effects of Technology

Each new technology, regardless of benefits,brings its own risks. In many complex situations where there are multiple questions with poorly constrained answers, it is folly to expect that we can use formal risk assessments to guide current actions.

Peak Oil Postponed? – Global Challenge Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden

Global Challenge: Recently, new data on available oil reserves, new deep-water deposits, oil sands and especially "shale gas" has given rise to concerns about what these resources means from a climate perspective. The seminar "Peak Oil Postponed?" Aims to analyze the …

The new “Golden Age of Oil” that wasn’t

Last winter, fossil-fuel enthusiasts began trumpeting the dawn of a new “golden age of oil” that would kick-start the American economy, generate millions of new jobs, and free this country from its dependence on imported petroleum. It turns out, however, that the future may prove far …

How It Could Happen, Part One: Hubris

It's easy for discussions about future crises to remain stuck in a realm of abstractions that never quite get down to talking about the lived reality of events as they happen. The toolkit of narrative fiction is one of the few useful ways to get past that roadblock of the imagination. This …

Whither peak oil?

An update is warranted to address comments from friends and followers - comments such as "Gee, I guess Peak Oil has been postponed?", or "I guess we don't have to worry about Peak Oil anymore!" Often they have a smile on their face ... The shale oil plays will reduce but not eliminate our …

Shell Game in the Arctic

When you go to the mountains, you go to the mountains. When it's the desert, it's the desert. When it's the ocean, though, we generally say that we're going "to the beach." Land is our element, not the waters of our world, and that is an unmistakable advantage for any oil company that wants to …

Updating world deepwater oil & gas discovery

Deepwater oil production will help reduce the decline in world oil production from aging fields. The IEA claims that four Saudi Arabias need to be discovered up to 2030 to replace the present decline in production (about 5 %/a). The deepwater ultimate is likely to represent less than half of …

Energy - May 10

- Thomas Homer-Dixon: Exploring the climate “mindscape” (oil supplies and energy junk) - Government influence is negative for energy fuel policy - The German Switch from Nuclear to Renewables - Scientists’ Arctic drilling plan aims to demystify undersea greenhouse gases - Ancien directeur de …

Deepwater what?

The Deepwater Horizon was all about peak oil. And climate change. And economic collapse. How soon we forget.

The politics of drilling in the dark zone

The Northbelt Thrust falls into a curious category on the global oil patch. Like dark matter in the universe, it is a blank spot, one of a few places with big proven and potential reserves that are wholly ignored in official forecasts. For it is offshore from Cuba, a political pariah in the U.S.

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