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Houston Bicycle Revolutionaries  

Do you ever wonder why so many people ride bikes in a place like the Netherlands while so few do in Texas?

Cloud Commuting

A two-year project in Belgium proposes new relationships between people, goods, energy, equipment, spaces, and value. Its design objective: a networked mobility ecosystem.

An Accident Waiting to Happen

In 2013, 69 percent of Bakken oil traveled by rail; that percentage is expected to reach 90 percent this year.

Transitioning transport - headlines

•Bogotá car-free day becomes car-free week •Tres Hombres Tall Ship Loads Rum and More in Caribbean; Additional Ship Readied for Europe Only •The Rise of Open Streets •Which are Europes to Cycling and Walking Cities? •British Cycling launches 10-point plan to …

Carless cities and sky cycles

•Hamburg’s Plan to Eliminate Cars in 20 Years •The Ridiculous Sky Cycle by Norman Foster •We Need to Design Parking Garages With a Car-less Future in Mind •It's not the economy, stupid; young people really are turning their backs on cars •The Rise (and All-Around …

Here’s Why Suburban Sprawl Cancels Out The Climate Benefits Of City Living

The average [household carbon footprint] in an urban core in the country is about 50 percent less than the average in the commuting suburbs around it

NYC Streets Metamorphosis   

There's nothing more dramatic than looking back five or ten years at Streetfilms footage (some of it a bit low-res) to see how much the livable streets landscape of New York City's streets have changed.

The Social Life of CitiBike Stations

Bike share stations are...natural conversation-starters, attract a stream of diverse users at all times of day & night, and act as casual landmarks that concentrate activity.

The Peak Oil Crisis: So, Why is Gasoline So Cheap?

There are many zigs and zags, twists and turns, and unintended consequences along the path to higher priced and scarce oil.

Oil headlines

•Light tight oil does not diminish the importance of Middle East supply, IEA says in latest World Energy Outlook •IEA warns of future oil supply crunch •Oil crumps: Libya, Iraq ‘pay the price for chaotic Western intervention’ •North Dakota's Salty Fracked Wells …

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