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The Four Levels: New Story Activism & Burnout

I've learned first hand about what activism burn out feels like.

Fifteen years of community-controlled water in Bolivia

Important lessons can and should be learned in our struggles to defend the land and commons from what took place and continues to take place in Bolivia.

Want to Change the Future? Pay Attention to the Past.

From Mandela to MLK to McKibben, history offers lessons aplenty for climate activists

The Rise of the Insurrectionary Imagination

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary a collective which..."aims at opening spaces...and bringing artists and activists together more creative forms of ...civil disobedience".

In your face - 19 Feb

Why I'm a hypocrite / Orlov: Extinct—Extincter—Extinctest / Big Ag’s Fight for Twitter Credibility

Heft Notes: Naomi Klein's "This Changes Everything"

Detailed summary of this important new book on how to combat climate change.

Weathering the Storms, Planting the Seeds

Fundamentally, we have to “hospice what’s left of the system we’re leaving behind, while planting the seeds for the future we’re building.”

Shades Of Green: Reconciling differences and building solidarity

In building a movement, finding common ground is paramount. A movement can progress with the aid of constructive criticism, but it is imperative that this criticism be accompanied by genuine effort to understand and learn from one another, and recognition of each party’s value to the movement.

An Orchard Grows in Boston

Rebuilding the commons in an economically-divided, violence-scarred neighborhood.

What Shade of Green are You?

A danger with any movement is its potential to fragment into factions once it reaches a certain size – with the various factions competing instead of collaborating – and the potential emergence of a dominant faction that drowns out competing worldviews, theories of change, and tactics.