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Is This The End Of China’s Coal Boom?

“The End Of China’s Coal Boom,” is a new, must-read chart-filled report from Greenpeace.

Net vs. gross energy: Is it wise to be complacent?

Net pay is what you have to pay your bills today. And, net energy is what society has in order to conduct its business (and its fun) on any given day. Is net energy still increasing?

Enough is Enough: Coal Pollution Spills Reveal a Water Safety Crisis

The West Virginia chemical spill underscores why we need to do more to safeguard our water supply.

7 things everyone knows about energy that just ain't so (2013 Edition)

Mark Twain once said, "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." And, there are many, many things that the public and policymakers know for sure about energy that just ain't so.

China, choking on growth - headlines

•China cracks down on emissions to combat choking smog •China's first coal-to-gas plant soon to pump gas to Beijing •China's smog reduction plan could add to water stress and boost emissions •China Faces Gas Shortage after Cutting Coal Consumption •China’s oil …

Beyond Keystone XL: Why One Maine Town Is On The Front Lines Of The Battle Against Tar Sands

On Tuesday, approximately 25,000 residents of South Portland will decide the future of what could soon become America’s next tar sands pipeline. Not Keystone XL; the Portland-Montreal Pipeline.

The Energy Sustainability Dilemma : Powering the Future in a Finite World   

Most of the easy energy is gone. Are we heading for a dead end?

Let’s talk about Bushfires, Climate Change and Coal

It’s easy to understand why there’s widespread support for politicians and others who argue we shouldn’t talk about climate change in the middle of a bushfire emergency.

Fukushima and our inability to gauge risk

Perhaps the most important energy story on the planet right now is the precarious situation for fuel rods stored in a damaged building at the Fukushima nuclear power station. However, there is another story beyond the immediate danger that tells us something about how we think about risk.

Water Stress Threatens Future Energy Production

When we flip on a light, we rarely think about water. But electricity generation is the biggest user of water in the United States.