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Articles: Renewable Energy (2060)

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Onshore Wind Power Is Now Cheapest Form Of New Electricity In Denmark

A new analysis from the government of Denmark found that wind power is by far the cheapest new form of electricity in the country.


What is the best way to utilize sunlight: grow food or to produce fuel?

Watch How Solar Power Is Transforming Rural India

It is a glimpse into the future of how the world’s rural poor could access electricity: off-grid, distributed, renewable, and most importantly, affordable.

Renewable Energy Provided One-Third Of Germany’s Power In The First Half Of 2014

Thanks to favorable weather and record production from solar and wind power, renewable energy accounted for approximately 31 percent of Germany’s electricity generation in the first half of 2014.

Iraq and the Military-Industrial Complex versus a True Cost Economy

A true cost or steady state economy can never be reached in a society consumed with perpetual war, especially warfare over oil.

The Real Reasons behind the Nuclear Failure and what that means for Renewables

What are the lessons from the failed nuclear energy revolution?

The emerging power of microgrids

Prepare for the arrival of the renewable energy microgrid.

On Front Lines of Recycling, Turning Food Waste into Biogas

An increasing number of sewage treatment plants in the U.S. and Europe are processing food waste in anaerobic biodigesters, keeping more garbage out of landfills, reducing methane emissions, and producing energy to defray their operating costs.

Energy Crunch: Turmoil in Iraq

The possibility of a new global energy shock moved closer this week as ISIS forces made major territorial gains in Iraq, the speed of events taking world leaders by surprise.

The Vanity Costs of Burning Coal in Arizona

Arizona, the sunniest state in the U.S., is 3.2% solar and 40-50% coal...what?!  It's a shining example of how broken the electricity system is...

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