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Despite Low Oil Prices, Renewable Power Gaining Traction, Energy Agencies Report — But Not Yet Fast Enough for the Climate

The shift away from coal and towards renewable sources of energy is slowly beginning to gain traction, two recently-released reports from American and global energy agencies show.

Can We Afford the Future?

As a child of the 1950s I grew up immersed in a near-universal expectation of progress.

Energy Democracy: Inside Californians' Game-Changing Plan for Community-Owned Power

Community Choice energy represents an assertion of community control over energy resources, similar to assertions of community control over water, land, and other vital resources.

Feeling the Elephant

Most people have heard the Indian tale about the blind men and the elephant.

CCC: UK Wind and Solar will be Cheaper than Gas by 2020

Low-carbon electricity from wind and solar farms will be cheaper than gas and effectively subsidy-free by 2020, says the Committee on Climate Change (CCC).


In this episode we're discussing Germany's energy transition plan. We'll be talking with Craig Morris, editor of Renewables International and lead author of

African Lights: Microgrids Are Bringing Power to Rural Kenya

Small-scale microgrids are increasingly seen as the most promising way to bring electricity to the 1.3 billion people worldwide who currently lack it.

Will Tidal and Wave Energy Ever Live Up to Their Potential?

As solar and wind power grow, another renewable energy source with vast potential — the power of tides and waves — continues to lag far behind. But progress is now being made as governments and the private sector step up efforts to bring marine energy into the mainstream

Limits on the Grid  

 Chris Nelder talks to Mackay Miller, Senior Research Analyst at the Natural Renewable Energy Laboratory, about the limits of renewable energy on the grid.

California Finding New Ways To Extend Benefits Of Solar To Low-Income, Minority Communities

The California legislature has sent a bill to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk that aims to extend the benefits of solar energy to communities that often have no access to clean energy technologies.

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