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Building Community

 Becca Martenson on how to increase the value of the relationships in your life

This Changes Everything. So Now What?

Missing from the conversation are ideas that are both practical and radical.

Atamai Village: An Experiment in Resilient Community

Post Carbon Institute’s Associate Director Ken White recently visited Atamai Village, an evolving resilient community outside of Motueka, near the top of NZ’s South Island.

To Build a Movement, Build Community

Carolyne Stayton of Transition US, on reframing, reskilling, REconomy, and more.

More Fun, Less Stuff

Sarah tells us about life beyond consumerism, translating online community into on-the-ground action, and more...

Living the New Economy in Jamaica Plain

 Chuck tells all on making the new economy real, bridging race and class divides, and more.

Taking Resilience to the Streets

Transition Streets brings together small groups of neighbors and supports them in taking effective, practical, money-saving and carbon reduction actions.

Re-Becoming Villagers Wherever We Live     

Mark, founder of City Repair, helps create gathering places with projects like the famous painted street intersections. Brandy, founder of O.U.R. Ecovillage, discusses overcoming regulatory hurdles like narrow zoning laws by working with agencies to find innovative solutions.

The Power of Positive Spin!

Reshaping communities and empowering kids with bikes.

ShareFests: Celebrating an Economy for the People in a City Near You

ShareFests are the perfect opportunity to celebrate the city commons and to connect activists excited to create a sharing city together.

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