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Searching for alternatives 2: Grasslands

Grasslands cover almost one fourth of the terrestrial area, but most of it produces rather little food.

Bill McKibben interview - time for the climate movement to get on the front foot

"We couldn't outspend the fossil fuel industry – they have more money than God. But we had other currencies that we could find work in - the currencies of movements: passion, spirit, creativity..."

Carbon Capture And Storage: One Step Forward, One Step Back

CCS simply hasn’t yet proven to be practical, affordable, scalable, and ready to be ramped up rapidly.

Climate, media and money

•New Study Predicts Year Your City's Climate Will Change •STUDY: Media Sowed Doubt In Coverage Of UN Climate Report •Plan to use financial markets to halt climate change is ‘doomed’ •Are There Any Major World Financial Institutions That Don’t Want To Act On …

Fingers in the dike

Three dams are about to break, and in each case a calamity is being postponed—though not, in these cases, by the heroic digits of fictitious Dutch children.

The man who ate himself: An agricultural fable

The beetle sighed. "This is all something you once knew, I think. It is something all beings have known from the beginning of time...It is a pity, this forgetting of yours."

Climate change’s silver bullet?

Interview with one of the world’s top geoengineering scholars.“The potential risks are enormous... and it’s attracting a flood of interest from scientists, venture capitalists and oil companies.”

Climate headlines

•Reuters' climate-change coverage 'fell by nearly 50% with sceptic as editor' •Polar Thaw Opens Shortcut for Russian Natural Gas  •Arctic methane 'time bomb' could have huge economic costs

New DOE report on energy sector vulnerablities

Historically high temperatures in recent years have been accompanied by droughts and extreme heat waves, more wildfires than usual, and several intense storms that caused power and fuel disruptions for millions of people. These trends are expected to continue, which could further impact …

Esperanto-USA president: for a universal language in the future, we'll need a habitable planet

[English/Esperanto] The climate justice movement must be a movement of individuals from all the countries of the world. There is a direct link between the goals of Esperantists, and those of the movement for climate justice. We can provide an alternative way for communication between all …