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Energy Crunch: Peaks and tipping points

Diplomatic efforts are underway to diffuse tensions between Russia and the West following the overthrow of Ukrainian President Yanukovych. Should tensions escalate, one risk is the disruption of gas supplies from Russia to Europe via the Ukraine.

The Gravitational Pull of Planet Carbon

A series of recent developments highlight the way we are losing ground in the epic struggle to slow global warming.

Climate, politics & money - headlines

•Get your cash out of fossil fuel backed funds says UN climate chief •If You See Something, Say Something •Church of England says unlikely to quit fossil fuel investment •BP study predicts greenhouse emissions will rise by almost a third in 20 years •Unfortunately, The …

The Grand Challenge of the Energy Transition

How are we going to meet the challenge of functioning without fossil fuels?

Climate, politics & money - headlines

•Guide Claims Warsaw COP19 Climate Talks Were Captured By Corporate Fossil Fuel Interests •Parts of Australia reaching threshold where it is impossible for normal life to continue because of the heat •Look What's Slowing Down Global Warming •Rejecting Man’s Bid For …

Oil Shale: Looming Threat to Western Wildlands

Oil shales, if they live up to proponents’ expectations and can be produced commercially, could change the economic and political fortunes of the United States and transform the geopolitical map of the world.

Energy Crunch: the global picture

Everything is changing on energy, and yet everything remains the same. This is the message from the latest World Energy Outlook by the International Energy Agency.

Mountaintop removal provides Appalachian coal to Europe

Ever since Europeans arrived on this continent they have been digging and mining, shipping the fruits of these soils back across the Atlantic.

Energy Reality: What We’re For

Recognizing that all human economic activity is a subset of nature’seconomy and must not degrade its vitality is the starting point for systemic transformation of the energy system.

Fukushima and our inability to gauge risk

Perhaps the most important energy story on the planet right now is the precarious situation for fuel rods stored in a damaged building at the Fukushima nuclear power station. However, there is another story beyond the immediate danger that tells us something about how we think about risk.

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