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Can We Afford the Future?

As a child of the 1950s I grew up immersed in a near-universal expectation of progress.

Cap Fossil Fuel Production Now!

In short, we need fossil fuels to go away, but in a measured and predictable way.

Is Democracy Hitting the Fossil Fuels too Hard?

Industrial civilization and its fossil fuels have allowed for a lacksadaisy modern way of life that places an overwhelmingly stronger inclination on the various guises of narcissism than on genuine civic participation, leading to a crisis of democracy.

Our Renewable Future   

How we use energy is as important as how we get it.

The Great Burning   

What will we do when the Great Burning comes to an end?

Richard Heinberg talks about Afterburn  

Richard Heinberg on his new book Afterburn: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels.

Energy Crunch: Kicking coal?

This week we saw three important signs of the increasingly moribund state of the fossil fuel industry.

Our Renewable Future

Or, What I’ve Learned in 12 Years Writing about Energy

Energy Crunch: unburnable oil

The price of oil fell below $50/barrel this week, extending the recent rout and causing turmoil in financial markets, worsening economic crisis in Russia and Venezuela, and helping to push the Eurozone towards deflation.

Carbon Counterattack

Around the world, carbon-based fuels are under attack. Increasingly grim economic pressures, growing popular resistance, and the efforts of government regulators have all shocked the energy industry.

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