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Peak Oil Notes - Dec 24

A mid-week update. Oil prices continued to fall on Monday of this week, pushing Brent prices to lows not seen since 2004 and West Texas Intermediate to below $34 a barrel for the first time since 2009.

IEA: US$ 40 oil means 3 mp/d less oil by 2020

You want $40 oil? Yes, please. But according to the World Energy Outlook 2015 of the International Energy Agency, recently released in London, that would mean 3 mb/d less US tight (shale) oil by 2020.

Keystone XL: History Up Close

After nearly 30 years of inaction, will 2015 be seen as the year that the “war on climate change” started in earnest?

Iraq needs 1.3 mb/d additional oil exports and $US 70 oil to balance budget

If oil prices remain low Iraq will not get out of its current budget deficit. That will worsen all other problems this country is already suffering from.

Peak Oil Notes - 15 Oct

“Oversupply” continues to be the word-of-the-day with OPEC continuing to pump out about 2 million b/d more than is being consumed and the global economy continuing to slide.

Peak Oil Review - Oct 5

 A weekly update, including: -Quote of the Week -Oil and the Global Economy, -The Middle East and North Africa, -China, -Russia/Ukraine, -The Briefs

Whatever Happened to Peak Oil?  

Whatever happened to “peak oil” – the assertion that the rate at which oil is extracted from the Earth is nearing a maximum or peak level?

Peak Oil Notes - 24 Sep

Oil prices closed Wednesday near the bottom of the trading range that has been in place since the beginning of September.

Tight Oil Reality Check

America’s energy future is largely determined by the assumptions and expectations we have today.

Peak Oil Review - Sep 21

The US Secretary of Commerce noted last week that interest in acquiring new drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico is dropping due to low oil prices.