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A Tale of Two Supermarkets: One Transition Town’s Efforts to Respond to Gentrification

We must always ask: who is community resilience really for?

Lentil Underground

Why grow lentils? 1) Two big reasons: fertilizer and water. 2) They can cope with a wide range of weather conditions. 3) They're delicious.

Why GMO labeling in the U.S. needs to win only once

There were no doubt celebrations last week in the boardrooms of corporations that own patents to the world's genetically engineered crops. Proposals to label foods containing these crops--commonly called GMOs for genetically modified organisms--were defeated soundly in Colorado and barely in Oregon.

Seeing Change Happen

 Rick tells about working with government, prioritizing social equity, reclaiming our food system, and more...

Net vs. gross energy: Is it wise to be complacent?

Net pay is what you have to pay your bills today. And, net energy is what society has in order to conduct its business (and its fun) on any given day. Is net energy still increasing?

Many Countries Reaching Diminishing Returns in Fertilizer Use

For the world as a whole, the era of rapidly growing fertilizer use is now history.

Sustainable Business: Growing Home Gives Roots to Those in Need

 Growing Home was launched to provide job training to Chicagoans in need

Of Vegetables and Venison

This story began when I spotted a road kill Fallow Buck beside the A303.

Bioenergy – A Disaster for Biodiversity, Health and Human Rights

A new, global rush to embrace biofuels—for transport,heat, and electricity—is a growing threat to ecosystems, wildlife, human health, and the climate. The trend poses the danger of increased commodification of forests, greater competition between food and energy markets, and even …

Postcard from the frontline: a Canadian family physician on peak oil

A Canadian family physician's take on peak energy, peak food and peak population: "I became aware of peak oil five years ago, and since then I have been struggling to integrate this knowledge into my medical practice and family life."