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The Coming of the Postliberal Era

One of the big challenges faced by any student of current events is that of seeing past the turmoil of the present moment to catch the deep trends shaping events on a broader scale.

Scientific Education as a Cause of Political Stupidity

While we’re discussing education, the theme of the current series of posts here on The Archdruid Report, it’s necessary to point out that there are downsides as well as upsides to take into account.

Ireland in a Strange Time

My American friends and family will be interested to note that their country is not the only country having a bizarre election.

What is an All-Inclusive Government?

When Americans introduced democracy, George Washington was totally opposed to the idea of political parties, to this notion that you split into two and one side shouts abuse at the other.

The Anthropocene Debate: Why is Such a Useful Concept Starting to Fall Apart?

The point is not that the Anthropocene should be abandoned—clearly it’s had its uses. But should it be a call-to-action for climate researchers and activists alike? 

From the Arctic to Deepwater Horizon, our Politicians are Failing us

You try to raise a voice because you have nothing but your voice. A voice to speak up for something which cannot speak up for itself.

Shale Gas and Fracking: The science behind the controversy: Review

In conclusion, the central theme of this book evokes a world where issues are decided on by politicians and the public guided by neutral scientists who deliver the facts. But this fairy tale for the children begs all the difficult questions.

Texas-sized Dose of Hypocrisy Served Up To Local Governments Statewide in an Effort to Overturn Denton's Fracking Ban

Instead of fighting the ban in the courts, industry made a preemptive move to eliminate local ordinances altogether by pushing representatives to pass laws against ordinances in their way.

Game theory and the King’s New Clothes

So from the EU/Germany/ECB perspective, they expect Syriza to behave the way everyone else does in European negotiations, and also think that a Greek exit from the Eurozone is catastrophic for Greece but not for anyone else.

Why We’re Not Ditching Resilience Yet…

What does it mean to live in this time, and how might we keep some sanity?