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A Renewable Energy Economy will Create More Jobs. Is That a Good Thing?

The 20th century fossil-fueled economic growth spurt happened not because the energy industry created many jobs, but because it created very few jobs.

Why don’t we feel as burned by the Panama Papers as we do by Donald Trump?

How is it possible that people can get so riled up by the hate-mongering of Donald Trump, yet barely a peep is made that tax havens, trade agreements, and tax policies operating invisibly all around us to make societies more unequal?

‘Are we there yet?’ The uncertain road to the twenty-first century.

A constellation of new technologies changed our ancestors’ lives 100 years ago, and haven’t changed fundamentally since then. Will these technologies remain possible for the next 100 years? An extended look at the work of Vaclav Smil.

Is the slowdown in productivity growth a result of energy costs?

The high energy prices of the last decade or so may be, in part, responsible for low productivity growth. And yet, in a sampling of recent coverage of the productivity issue, not one piece mentioned energy.

Start Sharing: Interview with 'Legal Rebel' Janelle Orsi

In this episode of The Good Stuff, Annie sits down with sharing champion and legal rebel Janelle Orsi.

Of Kale and Capital

The air is cold and the snow is deep, but inside the hoop houses at Green Gardens Community Farm, the greens are growing.  Donna McClurkan talks with Trent and Ruthie Thompson about their year-round operation and the slow money that made it possible.

Peak Oil Review - Mar 10

A weekly update including Oil and the Global Economy, The Middle East & North Africa, China, Quote of the Week, The Briefs.

Fracking headlines

•Wells That Fizzle Are a ‘Potential Show Stopper’ for the Shale Boom •The View from Europe: America’s Shale Boom Looks More Like a Blip •BP carves off US shale gas operations into separate unit •Shale, the Last Oil and Gas Train: Interview with Arthur Berman …

Oil Supply and Demand Forecasting with Steven Kopits   

Steven Kopits, Managing Director, Douglas-Westwood talks peak oil and oil markets.

Fracking headlines

•Fracking by the Numbers: Key Impacts of Dirty Drilling at the State and National Level •Monterey Shale isn't all it's fracked up to be •West Virginia Landfills Will Now Accept Unlimited Amounts Of Often Radioactive Fracking Waste •Too Big to Believe: Top Economists Doubt …