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Climate change: can the Seneca effect save us?

A Seneca shaped production curve would considerably reduce the amount of fossil carbon that can be burned in the future.

The Great Burning   

What will we do when the Great Burning comes to an end?

Feed Yourself  

Oil guru Richard Heinberg on life after fossil fuels. Marjory Wildcraft: why you may want to grow your own groceries.

Changing Human Circumstances

The evidence suggests that we are facing the dawn of the Second Half of the Oil Age when oil and gas production decline.

The Law of Diminishing Returns   

Is modern society hitting our defining moment, the point of diminishing returns?

Announcing AFTERBURN: Society Beyond Fossil Fuels

Afterburn is a book of “greatest hits”, similar in that respect to an earlier book of mine, Peak Everything.

Humans and Earth: Transitioning from Teenagers to Adults as a Species

I have concluded that facts are necessary but insufficient to change peoples behavior...

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