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Communities Pushing For Legal Rights To Regain Power Over Fracking Companies

A Colorado group with concerns about the environmental impacts of fracking are pushing for a fundamental change to the state’s legal system to give communities greater power over corporations.

Maryland Passes 2.5 Year Fracking Ban

Today, the Maryland House of Delegates passed legislation, voting 102 – 34, that would prohibit fracking permits in the state until October 2017.

As New York Bans Fracking, Calls for Moratorium in Pennsylvania Grow Stronger

Some environmental advocates are calling for Pennsylvania to undertake a similar review to New York's.

Breaking: Cuomo Bans Fracking in New York State

In a victory for environmental, health and community activists, fracking has been banned in New York state.

What We Can Learn from Fracking Bans Winning and Losing at the Polls

Whether or not a ban on fracking is favored by the American people is still up for debate after reviewing this year’s election season.

Fracking Ban Ballot Initiatives Intensify

County ballot issues to ban fracking could have a large impact outside those counties

Court Rules That New York Towns Can Ban Fracking

In a precedent-setting case decided today by the New York Court of Appeals, local communities have triumphed over the fracking industry.

A Look Back at the Town That Didn’t Back Down to Fracking   

A small-town fracking ban took place nearly three years ago in upstate New York, but that doesn’t make it any less monumental.

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