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The Flutter of Space Bat Wings

You don’t actually know a time or a culture until you discover the thoughts that its people can’t allow themselves to think.

The Fall of the Mediterranean society during the Bronze age: Why we still don't Understand Civilization Collapse

Imagine a team of archaeologists living three thousand years in the future.

Splinterlands: The View from 2050

Let me start with a confession. I’m old-fashioned and I have an old-fashioned profession. I’m a geo-paleontologist.

Tertullian was a Conspiracy Theorist: Propaganda and Irrationalism in Roman Times and in Ours

The Romans knew well the dark art that we call "propaganda" today.

The Era of Response

The third stage of the process of collapse, following what I’ve called the eras of pretense and impact, is the era of response

The Era of Pretense

The decline and fall of a civilization isn’t a single event, or even a single linear process; it’s a complex fractal reality composed of many different events on many different scales in space and time.

John Michael Greer: The God Of Technological Progress May Well Be Dead

The stories running our heads influence everything from our beliefs to our values to our actions.

Planet of the Space Bats

As my regular readers know, I’ve been talking for quite a while now here about the speculative bubble that’s built up around the fracking phenomenon, and the catastrophic bust that’s guaranteed to follow so vast and delusional a boom.

Soil erosion may get us before climate change does

The real story is one of thousands of years of accelerating population growth, ruthless greed, countless wars, enormous suffering, and catastrophic ecocide. 

Dark Age America: The Hoard of the Nibelungs

Of all the differences that separate the feudal economy sketched out in last week’s post from the market economy most of us inhabit today, the one that tends to throw people for a loop most effectively is the near-total absence of money in everyday medieval life.

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