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The Vicious Spiral of Economic Inequality and Financial Crises

There is compelling evidence that economic inequality is both a result of, and contributor to, economic crises.

Universalizing Environmental and Human Rights

The question of whether a healthy environment is a human right has been occupying the minds of legal experts and governments since the 1980s.

Beyond Liberal Rights: Lessons from a Possible Future in Detroit

Warning US and global allies of deepening trends, Maureen Taylor, State Chair of MWRO, often begins presentations on Detroit by proclaiming: “Welcome to the future!”

What Do 800-Year-Old Magna Carta & Black Lives Matter Have in Common? A People’s Historian Explains

The Magna Carta turns 800 years old today. Known as the "Great Charter," it is widely considered the foundation of parliamentary democracy, human rights and the supremacy of the law over the crown.

New visions of global solidarity

In this latest editorial we’re highlighting some of the various ways in which a call for sharing is being expressed in the field of international development, especially in relation to calls for more and better overseas aid.

Apres Moi le Deluge

 “The American way of life,” George H.W. Bush infamously declared in 1992, “is not-negotiable.”  This presents a problem if the American way of life is also unsustainable. 

Austerity, human rights and Europe’s accountability gap

Europe’s elite failed to see the eurozone crisis, and the responses to it not only as a financial and economic issue, but also a human one. 

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