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Ruling by Little-Known Federal Agency Paves Way for Communities to Say No to Oil-by-Rail

The community of Benicia, [California,] in the crosshairs of history, made one of those decisions that will make a difference for the country. They stood up and said the safety of our communities matters.”

Exploding Trains, No New Regulations, Record Industry Profits: The Oil-by-Rail Story

In the absence of new regulations, the industry will have more than doubled the size of the oil-by-rail tank car fleet since Lac-Megantic.

Might the Bakken Boom Get Derailed?

"The damages potentially resulting from an exposure could risk the financial soundness and viability of the rail transportation network in North America."

Seattle Council to Governor: Protect this City (And the Climate) from Oil Trains

Last month a small but vocal group gathered on the steps of Seattle's city hall to demand greater restrictions on the controversial transportation of oil by railway tanker through the Northwest. This was the latest action in the larger movement of opposition to trains carrying fossil fuels …

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