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Lean Logic: A Dictionary for the Future

During the early decades of the century, the market will lose its magic.

How Globalization Divides Us: Perspectives on Brexit from a Dual Citizen

Getting out of Europe does nothing to address the real problems in UK society—or the world.

Why Global Capital Fears ‘Brexit’

Today, interlinked multinational banks and corporations constitute a de facto European government, determining economic activity through the ‘European market’....In other words, corporations run Europe.

Changing Everything

A transition to renewable energy is often given a significance that goes well beyond its immediate impact: it would somehow make our exploitative relationship to Nature more environmentally sound, our relationship to each other more socially equitable.

Thoughts on Localism and Resilience

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak to the "Resilience Group," an informal gathering of environmentalists, activists, and interested others that meet regularly at the home of Wes Jackson, in Salina, KS. My short remarks gave rise to a robust and enlightening discussion, or so I thought.

Globalization and Terror

To understand the rise of religious fundamentalism and ethnic conflict we need to look at the deep impacts of the global consumer culture on living cultures across the planet. Doing so allows us to better understand ISIS and similar groups, and see a way forward that lessens violence on all sides.

The Post-Wall Street Era Will be Local

Big business is the main destroyer of our environment. But companies—both small and big—may well also be the only entities powerful and creative enough to reverse this trend.

Connecting over Soil

Most people know that there's a huge wealth gap between the industrialized and so-called 'developing' worlds. But there's another gap, one that's rarely discussed in the media, or even by NGOs. It involves changing attitudes to farming, to the land and the soil.

We are all Greece

The cast of heroes and villains in Greece’s ongoing battle to save its economy varies depending on who’s telling the story. 

Inspiration for the Burned-out Localizer

What’s new about Afterburn is that it offers two things that Transitioners or anyone else who forecasts a more local future needs today: inspiration and advice for the future...

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