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"People’s Hearing" Demands Oversight of FERC for Allegedly Rubber-stamping Pipeline and Gas Projects

Since 1977, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has been quietly reviewing and authorizing liquid natural gas (LNG) terminals, interstate natural gas pipelines, and non-federal hydropower projects.

Why Fossil Fuel Divestment isn’t Enough for New England students

In the past few weeks students across the country have been demanding that their schools stop profiting from oil, coal and gas companies.

With the Boom in Oil and Gas, Pipelines Proliferate in the U.S.

The rise of U.S. oil and gas production has spurred a dramatic expansion of the nation's pipeline infrastructure. As the lines reach into new communities and affect more property owners, concerns over the environmental impacts are growing.

No pipe dream: Is fracking about to arrive on your doorstep?

Suddenly, I’m in the crosshairs of the fracking industry, too. We all are.

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