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Making Every Drop Count

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order requiring urban centers to reduce their water consumption by 25%.

The Silver Lining in the California Drought

Some will say it’s too difficult to up-end long-held water habits, practices and entitlements. But those difficulties are certain to pale next to those wrought by empty reservoirs and dry wells.

After Warmest Winter, Drought-Stricken California Limits Water But Exempts Thirstiest Big Growers

As California’s record drought continues, Gov. Jerry Brown has ordered residents and non-agricultural businesses to cut water use by 25 percent in the first mandatory statewide reduction in the state’s history.

Calls For Immediate Shutdown Of Illegal California Injection Wells As Regulators Host 'Aquifer Exemption Workshop'

California is a leader in renewable energy, which makes its commitment to fracked oil all the more perplexing.

No End In Sight For California’s Climate-Exacerbated Drought

In addition to being the hottest year on record in California, 2014 was also the third year of extreme drought in the state, which scientists tell us is a telltale sign that global warming is already impacting our lives right here and right now.

Weather From Another Planet: Wildfires and Climate Change

TV news, as we pointed out recently in a FAIR study..., is intensely interested in extreme weather. But coverage that links weather events to climate is extremely rare.

California Drought: Is this the big one?  

Rainstorms finally arrived in California...but the big reservoirs are still pitifully low, and snow pack is less than a quarter of normal. Hundreds of thousands of acres will not be planted, and food bills will likely go up in North America, and possibly around the world.

California Gov. Jerry Brown Faces Protests Over Fracking as Epic Drought Looms

California Gov. Jerry Brown is having a hard time maintaining his green image.

Living with Climate Change: Joanne Poyourow in Los Angeles

No water. That pretty much sums up living with climate change around here, in Los Angeles.

Fantasizing About California, or Already Here: 5 Shocking Drought Facts to Make You Rethink the Golden State

There are likely a lot of East Coasters wishing they lived in sunny, dry (and comparatively warm) California right now. But Californians know their weather is anything but a blessing these days with a drought that’s being called “unprecedented.”

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