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Climate Change Policy and The Super-Hero Syndrome

The climate change policy bureaucracy has taken on a magical belief in technology "super-heroes" as the only way to escape the need for immediate, deep, carbon emission reductions.

The Quest for CCS

However, many of the economists and experts who have developed scenarios for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) believe that the only way to achieve the two-degree goal in a growing world economy is to invest in large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects.

The Hidden Agenda: How Veiled Techno-utopias Shore Up the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement is a genuine triumph of international diplomacy and of how the French people brought an often-fractious world together to see beyond national self interest.

Can Carbon Capture Technology Be Part of the Climate Solution?

Some scientists and analysts are touting carbon capture and storage as a necessary tool for avoiding catastrophic climate change. But critics of the technology regard it as simply another way of perpetuating a reliance on fossil fuels.

Time to stop investing in carbon capture and storage

Government investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a large and expensive fossil-fuel subsidy with a low probability of eventual societal benefit.

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