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Born of Triumph and Tragedy, Social Justice Org Fosters Health Equity and Well-being of Communities of Color

Though D’Artagnan Scorza grew up economically disadvantaged amidst a food desert in South Los Angeles, his family created an oasis of fresh fruits and vegetables that left him wanting for nothing at home.

Help by Giving Time

Time is money – so the saying goes. Now you can donate and even exchange your time to help people.

There's Much that Don't Matter a Fig

Most of us resist new circumstance, and so the finest art is the skill (the cultivated humility) of accepting new circumstance (a rare skill) & then of the knowledgeable application of ancient morals to explain it.

A Little Funding Goes a Long Way

Started in Sonoma County in 2010, the Community Resilience Challenge has grown into a national affair, including 800+ actions in Asheville, NC, among other ripples.

The 'Good Anthropocene': Grassroots Initiatives Worldwide Show Path Forward

Looking for a ray of sunshine amidst seemingly endless news of the warming planet, global biodiversity loss, or ongoing war?

LA Green Grounds Digs in to Build Urban Farms and Strengthen Community

Making vegetables a visible part of the community is what has guided LA Green Grounds ever since its founding in 2010.

Commoning in Times of Disaster: The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

The project amounts to a “mapping commons” whose freely available geographic data is invaluable to humanitarian responders to natural disasters and crises.

Casino Collapse and Economic Collapse Need not be the Same

If both work and pleasure can be a walk or short cycle ride from our doors, then the energy demands of a culture will suddenly become much simpler and will also shrink.

Finding Our Frontlines in Indigenous North Dakota: The Climate Justice Movement is Standing Up - A Special Issue of Earth News: More than News of the World

There is no doubt in my mind that this front in the epic struggle for global climate justice – and so much more – will be recognized in the future as a crucial epicenter, a ground zero, of our movement...

Voting with Every Dollar We Spend: Business Models that Build Community Resilience

We can choose to support businesses that actually make our communities more resilient rather than extracting local wealth and resources.

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