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$5 Million for Co-op Development in Madison

I have to say that of all the different political and social organizations that I have been involved with recently, the co-op groups are easily the youngest, sharpest and most energized groups around.

On Convening Faith Groups

It behoves us as Transitioners to try to diffuse a message to invite people to consider how we’re moving towns and villages and hamlets towards resilience to create that space, because we bump up against so many different types of people here.

Design for a Shared Future

Sharing with others is one of the positive stories to tell in the face of a harsh future, but how we tell that story is paramount.

Why We’re Not Ditching Resilience Yet…

What does it mean to live in this time, and how might we keep some sanity?

What Does the Power to Convene Look Like in Stroud?

What does the Power to Convene look like in the work of Transition Stroud?

Engaging Communities in Decisions after Complex Disasters: Lessons from Fukushima

As a starting point for the sustainable recovery of communities affected by disasters, decision-makers must meet the needs of the affected population while being mindful of the local context.

Way to Go!

Americans have actually been driving less per-capita for the past decade, bucking a century-long trend of ever-increasing dependence on automobiles.

What Makes a Good Mediator?

Part of the Power to Convene (our theme for January and February) is the ability to bring groups and people together to work in new ways. The story of the South Devon Cycle Link campaign and in particular the role of James Furse has many useful insights for this.

An Insider's Guide to Sharing City Detroit

Unbeknownst to most who have yet to venture through my beloved city, Detroit is a sharing city.

A Camp Amid the Ruins

Well, the Fates were apparently listening last week. As I write this, stock markets around the world are lurching through what might just be the opening moves of the Crash of 2015...

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