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Inside the Little Free Pantry

Created by Jessica McClard, the Pantry is an easy way for people to share surplus food and household goods, and access items they may need.

Trama: Netweaving and Collaboration in Rio de Janeiro

In late 2014 a design project at PUC-Rio university led five students to the street in Rio de Janeiro to restore an idle square by opening it for people collaboration and creativity.

History as a Commons

We spoke about the importance of looking at the social, political and ecological elements of history, how history belongs not in dusty old shelves, but as a part of our everyday lives...

The Place Game: How We Make the Community the Expert

The Place Game is a tool for evaluating any public space—a park, a square, a market, a street, even a street corner—and examining it through guided observation strategies.

Compost Capitalism

‘The pain we feel is capitalism dying.’ The words left an impression on me I think because they describe that strange, existential ache that we probably have all felt at some time or another, when contemplating how we should live our lives in a world that seems so tragically off track.

My Foreword for 'Rising to the Challenge: the Transition Movement and People of Faith

Ruah Swennerfelt's book is a hugely important contribution to the growing literature on Transition.

Wurruk'an: Seeding a New Earth Story

The low-impact way of life that is emerging at Wurruk’an has been captured on film as part of a documentary called A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity, written and produced by Jordan Osmond (Happen Films) and Samuel Alexander (Simplicity Institute).

Building Community, One Bench at a Time

Can putting a bench on the sidewalk create community? Can it change the world?

"No Single Project is the Magic Acorn..."

We need to think more like a forest than a single tree!

Beyond the Footprint

To be sustainable as a global village — to be able to keep all of our human and ecological systems healthy — we also need to aggressively identify and bring to market a wide range of affordable, ecologically-sound development strategies in the highly-populated, emerging nations.

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