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Resilient Suburbia

Talented designers and planners have shown us that it’s possible to retrofit suburbia.

An Intentional Egalitarian Community as a Small-Scale Implementation of Post-Capitalism

It takes systematic work and engagement to build up a reputation that gives one more influence and support for one’s project. The non-hierarchical relations imply a lot of self-responsibility but also a feeling of empowerment.

The Shopping Mall Death Spiral

The shopping mall is the epitome of America's Suburban Experiment.

Creativity in a Quake-Torn City

In the wake of Christchurch’s massive earthquake, a series of social and creative projects bring new life to the battered streets.

The End of the Extraction Economy

Big box retailers have been a major player in this economy and built-environment.

What We as a People Can Do

Clearly, individuals, households, communities, and nongovernmental organizations cannot merely stand by and hope that political leaders somehow find the wherewithal at the last moment (if it is not already too late) to halt our descent into climate chaos.

A Prosperous Descent: Telling New Stories as the Old Book Closes

OVER THE LAST two centuries in the West, we have been telling ourselves that economic growth is the most direct path to prosperity, that the good life implies material affluence, and that technology and ‘free markets’ will be able to solve most of our social and environmental problems.

On Doing Well, Part 2

There was a time in this country's history when knowledge of the fundamentals of the monetary system was wide spread among the common citizens, not just Wall Street financiers and academic economists.

Tony Blair, Godzilla, and the Banquet of Consequences

One of the best things about Transition for me is that we bring big issues home, and we own them.

Walking Makes Strides in All Kinds of Communities

Imagine living in one of America’s great walkable communities.

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