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What If We Built Our Bridges through Placemaking?

Bridges are, by design, meant to bring people together. All we have to do is let them.

Portland Passes Groundbreaking Fossil Fuel Resolution!

In the hour before the city council hearing began on the proposition to ban all new and expanded fossil fuel infrastructure in Portland, roughly 200 people waited inside city hall for the hearing to begin.

Don’t Make Refugees Pay for the Terror they’re Fleeing

Shutting down borders and blaming Muslim immigrants for the Paris attacks would give ISIS precisely the type of “civilizational conflict” it craves.

Reflecting on 10 years of Change-Making

One small step each day over 10 years adds up to a whole lot of change. One small step of mine added to one small step of yours -- now we're talking.

Everyone Talks about Volkswagen, but the Real Question is Hardly Ever Touched

In average, the production of a car causes as many emissions as its (petrol-fuelled) usage over the whole lifetime.

On Halloween costumes and Christmas cups

If offensive Halloween costumes and throwaway holiday coffee cups can generate this much discord and animosity, what happens when Americans are faced with far more complex and challenging situations?

It's Already Happening: A Message to COP 21

With fewer than three weeks to go until the start of COP21, the UN’s climate negotiations in Paris, a question arises: Will this gathering make the slightest difference?

Does Placemaking Cause Gentrification? It’s Complicated.

“If you’re not building social capital in the community where you’re working, you’re not Placemaking; you’re just reorganizing the furniture.”

Globalization and Terror

To understand the rise of religious fundamentalism and ethnic conflict we need to look at the deep impacts of the global consumer culture on living cultures across the planet. Doing so allows us to better understand ISIS and similar groups, and see a way forward that lessens violence on all sides.

21 Stories of Transition: Potager Alhambra

A Brussels neighbourhood experiencing the daily impacts of being a red light district responds by creating a new food garden!

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