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Skoros, the ‘Give What You Can, Take What You Need’ Store in Exarchia, Athens

This is a collaborative ethnographic film about Skoros, an anti-consumerist collective in Exarcheia, Athens, that run a space where people could come and give, take, or give and take goods and services without any norms of reciprocity.

From Consumers to Communards

Surely the most striking thing about the promise of the direct economy and P2P production for a generation that has been separated from production by crisis and precariousness is the end of the figure of the consumer.

Austerity and Degrowth – Dealing with the Economic Crisis and the Ecological Crisis Together

It seems like a tough one to argue for degrowth in the context of the Greek crisis and as an alternative to austerity – but then all the more reason to try.

Mutual Aid Network: The New Cooperative Model on the Block

The move to a new economy is underway, whether we like it or not.

Snatching Defeat

It isn't that we expect the parchment won’t get inked, but rather that the document won’t actually accomplish its task even if the conference is a complete success.

The New Ecofeminism

The environmental movement is a microcosm of other realms of society in one troubling way: women are missing.

The PAH: Defending the Right to Housing in Spain

In Spain, where the government bails out banks, the Platform for People Affected by Mortgages (PAH) bails out families and defends their right to housing.

How Do Community Land Trusts Relate to the Commons?: Part 1

CLTs are a strategy that removes land from the housing market without disconnecting residents from their interest in owning, maintaining, and improving buildings.

If you Care about Changing Society, Focus on Strengths

Transition groups attempt to create the change they want to see.

Death of a Neighbor

The reality is that the technology of the day distances us from what matters.

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