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10-Day Local Food Challenge Update: 9/16

Local food as a consumer preference is definitely on the rise.

How to Make Farm-to-Table A Truly Sustainable Movement

Chef Dan Barber says the farm-to-table movement that he helped build has failed to support sustainable agriculture on a large scale.

Making markets mainstream

For most small-scale farmers and producers, the local farmers’ market is the engine of their business.

Migrant Farmworkers Find Paths Out of Poverty Through Incubator Farms

ALBA is one of a growing number of “incubator farms” across the United States dedicated to training the next generation of farmers.

A Rural Rebirth, One Ag Business at a Time

This is rural revitalization, one small ag business at a time.

How to Be Curious About the Green Revolution

In order to be able to think that the Green Revolution worked, much has been forgotten.

Young Agrarians

At its best the agrarian life is an integrated whole, with work and leisure mixed together, undertaken under healthful conditions and surrounded by family.

Community Food Activists Tell Their Stories

It’s easy to dismiss issues facing people we don’t know and don’t see. Out of sight, out of mind. And if we don’t know any people grappling with hunger, that crisis can seem very abstract.

During extreme drought, farmers try for resiliency

For those who take the long view, there are bigger ideas to achieve resilience in the face of extreme weather.

Why we need a farmer-led food movement

Long Island seaweed and shellfish farmer Bren Smith warned parents in a recent New York Times Sunday Review not to let their children go into farming.

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