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How Much Should Food Cost?

Nothing illustrates the weirdness, injustice, and unpleasantness of the present economy more clearly than the misdirected attempts of government to reduce the price of food.

Monofloral and Manuka Honey: Honey-Hunting the Honeybee to its Demise, With Love

Are monofloral honeys all they're cracked up to be, or are they yet another empty money-making scheme, exposing vulnerable honeybees to the toxic environments of monocultures?   [ Rights secured for all images]

Blockchains Could Help Restore Trust in the Food we Choose to Eat

Companies around the world are exploring blockchain, the technology underpinning digital currency bitcoin. In this Blockchain unleashed series, we investigate the many possible use cases for the blockchain, from the novel to the transformative.

The Uncertain Future for Food and Farming in the UK

Following the referendum result in favour of the UK leaving the EU, the Sustainable Food Trust and 83 others organisations came together to express their hopes and fears for the future of food and farming.

The Masumoto Family Farm

The Masumoto Family farm is the farm we have in our minds, the bucolic family-owned slice of Americana straight out of central casting

The Rise of the Supermarkets

The origins of the supermarket are steeped in social purpose.

The Global Farm Land Grab in 2016: How Big, How Bad?

Eight years after releasing its first report on land grabbing, which put the issue on the international agenda, GRAIN publishes a new dataset documenting nearly 500 cases of land grabbing around the world.

Joel Salatin: Sacrifice and Sacredness of Food   

We caught up with Joel Salatin, PolyFace Farms, at the Mother Earth News Fair. We asked Joel to talk about our current agricultural system.

Holistic Grazing for Long-Term Resilience

A recent ‘Open-Gate’ day at Croome Court, organised by RegenAg UK and sponsored by Holistic Management International, showed just how beneficial the holistic management of livestock can be.

30 Ways Cities Can Prepare for Global Warming

There’s a good reason (actually, 30 good reasons covered here...) why no-one has been able to come up with a better term for what’s called “urban agriculture.”

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