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To Survive In Farming, Try Taoism

I never did learn to go with the flow. I just got old and had to.

Owning Food: In Search of a Common Good

Understanding property rights helps to explain the structural problems in our economic system and how they relate to the management of resources. For a sustainable food system, this knowledge is paramount.

New Book Does a Deep Dive Into Running a Seed Library

In her new book, Seed Libraries: and Other Means of Keeping Seeds in the Hands of the People, Conner does a deep dive into issues surrounding seeds and seed sharing.

City Region Food Systems - Part IIIB - Scale and Production Strategy

I think many of those in both the ‘small and organic is beautiful’ and the ‘large and conventional farms should supply the food’ sides are unnecessarily strident and unrealistic in their thinking.

City Region Food Systems – Part IIIA – Scale and Production Strategy

In this piece I analyze critiques of smaller scale and alternative production strategies from several angles. In the second I will discuss problems inherent in the argument that small scale can feed the U.S. population and consider a middle path of scale and production diversity.

City Region Food Systems – Part II – Who Will Farm?

Put another way, is the U.S. model of food sourcing scalable to an urbanized world of 9 billion?

Baltimore Combats Food Deserts with Urban Farming Tax Break

A tax break for growers in Baltimore could be a framework for urban yardfarmers across the country and decrease the existence of food deserts across the country.

Farming: A Not-For-Profit Enterprise?

What if the economics of money profit and loss, under capitalism, or socialism, or a monarchy or any other system, doesn’t really work for farming.

The Gardens of Plenty

How can people in difficult circumstances build autonomous lives? The answer might be found in the Jardins de Cocagne: by cultivating vegetables.

Hacking it out at the Farm

New entrants to farming in Britain are often faced with a long list of challenges before they even put their wellies on.

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