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GroCycle: turning an empty office into a mushroom farm

I had the great honour the other day of formally opening the UK's first urban mushroom farm.

Energy, Diminishing Returns and the Future of Food

This game of investing energy towards the procurement of food is one that Homo sapiens – and all living organisms – have played for millennia.

Getting the Stone Rolling

Sometimes it takes someone from the other side of the world to help you realise just what’s on your door step. This is the message at the heart of a growing stone walling revolution in Zimbabwe.

Recommended Reading for the UN International Year of Soils 2015

If you never thought 'dirt' could be interesting or ultra important, UNU's Robert Blasiak recommends a fascinating book demonstrating how soil management has impacted the rise and fall of civilizations.

Mama Food

Writing books and essays about food, I hear a lot of stories about what people ate growing up.

A Fig in Minnesota!!

f you find yourself in a climate like mine, know that it is not completely impossible to enjoy this exotic fruit, you just have to work a lot harder to realize a harvest.

Making Space for Nature: The Community Charter

Firstly, we can work hard at reviving our local economies and creating green jobs but if we neglect to pay attention to the wellbeing of our air, water and soil we are by-passing what makes economies long-term sustainable and humans and other species healthy.

Fighting Hunger with Street Smarts

In a city that has nearly 30 farmers markets and the most restaurants per capita nationwide, it may be hard to believe that thousands of adults don’t have access to healthy, nutritious food.

10-Day Local Food Challenge Update: 9/16

Local food as a consumer preference is definitely on the rise.

How to Make Farm-to-Table A Truly Sustainable Movement

Chef Dan Barber says the farm-to-table movement that he helped build has failed to support sustainable agriculture on a large scale.

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