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The True Cost of Food

For the past 12 months I’ve been taking a serious look at the reality of our modern food system and the impacts it has on our environment, our health and our communities. It was a sobering experience.

Brighton Food Waste Collective

What I love most about this project is the way it delivers multiple benefits at once....bringing people together to solve communal problems in the most positive way, while also learning to view food as something to be celebrated, appreciated and shared.

“Farming with Native Beneficial Insects” Means Solving for Pattern

A necessary guide for anyone who farms, gardens, or who wants to learn more about ecology-based land management

The Largest Seed Exchange in the World Inspires Change

Ethical consumers in the US are increasingly concerned with the seeds used in the production of their food

Wild Seeds

 For a decade now, I have been a seed saver.

Market Match: Making Fresh and Healthy Food Affordable

Started by Roots of Change in 2009 and now administered by the Berkeley-based Ecology Center, Market Match is a statewide healthy food incentive program that aims to improve the health of low-income communities by incentivizing shoppers to buy produce at farmers markets.

What Makes a Market?

The Netherlands is not known for its food culture but it’s now keen to play catch up with its European counterparts.

Food Safety Modernization Act – An Assault on Sustainable Agriculture?

We are not ready to be again a nation of farmers, each growing our own, but we are potentially on the edge of a major shift in public consciousness in favor of sustainable local food chains, moving us toward independence from corporate agriculture, and that much less dependent on fossil fuels.

One Minute Review: Incredible! by Pam Warhurst & Joanna Dobson

Incredible!: Plant Veg, Grow a Revolution is the story of Incredible Edible Todmorden (IET), the food-growing project in Yorkshire which has inspired people around the world to look at their urban spaces in a very different way.

A View from Terra Madre 2014: Slow Food's Bi-annual Conference

At Terra Madre, the Slow Food movements bi-annual meeting of world food communities, seeing really is believing.

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