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Food Security: The Urban Food Hubs Solution

Food security demands a diversified food system that includes urban communities as locations for food production, food preparation, food distribution, and waste reduction/reuse.

Soil is the Stomach of the Plant

The dark mysterious world of soil biology is rarely brought to the daylight of people’s understanding, even in the organic movement, due to the assumption that this is reserved for the in-depth investigations of soil scientists.

Why We Need Local Food Systems and How to Get Them

The globalisation of food production has led to an industrial monopoly within the agricultural sector.

Don't Go With the Flow, Go With the Wax

It's time we stop perpetuating the status quo of unhealthy, mechanistic beekeeping that the new Flow™ hive continues, and move towards more holistic practices that would allow the bees to show us the way it should be done.

How to Host a Seed Swap

Seed swaps are great ways to learn about local seeds, build community around seed sharing, and show support for the Save Seed Sharing movement.

DIY Sweet Potato Slips

More than any one project, my biggest teacher in this time has been failure...Failure as inspiration.

When It’s Time to Hand the Farm to the Next Generation, the Simple Life Is Anything But

Mud season is as important as summer growth. It is the chance to rebuild, redesign, and repair.

Garden Programs Give Inmates Hope, Future Job Skills

Picture this. Inmates, who are serving life sentences without the chance for parole, tenderly caring for a vegetable garden.

#WomeninAg: Words of Wisdom from Women Farmers

For Women’s History Month, CUESA is spotlighting women who are transforming our food system.

Corporations vs. Communities: a Tale of Two Meetings

In 2015 it shouldn’t be a radical notion to want to move beyond colonialism and make sure farmers can keep control of the resources needed to grow food to feed their communities.

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