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Top 10 books for summer

We’ve put together our list of top 10 new book releases, just in time for the summer holidays.


What is the best way to utilize sunlight: grow food or to produce fuel?

Food prairie

Just as a food forest is a fusion of garden, orchard and woodland, so the food prairie is a fusion of garden, field, and grassland.

On the farm at Marin Roots

Securing land is difficult for young farmers, particularly in Marin County, where farms often pass from one generation to the next without going on the market.

Review: The Market Gardener by Jean-Martin Fortier

For some years now, author and farmer Jean-Martin Fortier has lived rather comfortably with his family entirely off the proceeds of their market garden in Québec, Canada.

Towards an Energy Standard of 'Local'

In other essays I presented data showing that small-scale, local farms aren't always more energy efficient than larger-scale producers, but as far as energy used to distribute food  local farms seem to have an advantage.

Free Farmers, Food Liberty: Local Growers Declare Independence

Can real change take root in the aisles of a grocery store?

Mark Bittman says Phooey to Foodie

Mark Bittman’s latest column tried to reclaim the word “foodie” for something more than high-end eaters.

More on the Energetics of Food Distribution

While buying food produced nearby can reduce the amount of fuel burned in food transport, another wrinkle worth adding to food distribution discussions revolves around what type of food is being transported, particularly whether it's calorie dense, animal-derived food or more calorie …

Making the most of it in dry times

As California endures what may be its driest and hottest year on record, farmers and farmworkers have been among those most heavily hit by the drought.

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