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Why Not Start Today: Backyard Carbon Sequestration Is Something Nearly Everyone Can Do

To make it simple as a crayon sketch, there are two ways to mitigate climate change that, in tandem, could work.

From Concrete to Green: Urban Agriculture Initiative Seeks to Transform LA River into Ag Oasis

“How do we get into schools to help bring children up to be good stewards?”

Gardening for Native Bees   

Deb digs deep to get the skinny on Native Bees. An interview with featured author Adrian Ayres Fisher about how you can plant up your yard to attract pollinators.

Ex-cons at LA Kitchen Feed the Hungry with Food Waste

“Neither food nor people should ever go to waste.”

8 Reasons to turn your lawn into a farm and help change the world

Yardfarmers is a new reality TV/documentary series hybrid for release in Spring 2017 that has the potential to shift how many see their backyards and food.

Deep Trouble Down in the Ground

I have a hunch that Des Moines will win and farmers are going to have to help cities pay for cleaner water. Maybe that’s fair. And if farm size keeps going up, who is going to protest if a 50,000 acre executive farmer has to pay.

Growing Vegetables for Sale

Is a clash of priorities between sufficiency and subsistence, on one hand, and economic growth and ‘consumerism’, on the other, implicit to the challenges of taking green and local food seriously?

Waste Less, Share More

Food waste is big news at the moment, as well it should be. According to a recent World Resources Institute report, approximately a third of all food produced for human consumption never gets eaten.

To Survive In Farming, Try Taoism

I never did learn to go with the flow. I just got old and had to.

Owning Food: In Search of a Common Good

Understanding property rights helps to explain the structural problems in our economic system and how they relate to the management of resources. For a sustainable food system, this knowledge is paramount.

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