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What Would it Take to Mainstream "Alternative Agriculture"

The industrialized food system, studies have shown, is linked to greenhouse gas emissions, algal blooms, pesticide pollution, soil erosion and biodiversity loss, to name a few ecological troubles.

Getting to Yay!

I promised to do a few newsletters on helpful points about how to be more competent, especially on food and city issues. So here goes.

In Collaboration with Underserved Community an Outsider Helps Establish First Urban Farm in Dallas

In what some might describe as a midlife crisis and others an epiphany, Daron Babcock, the executive Director of urban farming organization Bonton Farms, quit his all-consuming job in the corporate world and moved to Bonton, an impoverished inner city community in Dallas, Texas.

SHARECITY100: Exploring Food Sharing in 100 Cities

SHARECITY100 is a database of more than 4000 food sharing enterprises across 100 cities around the world, including Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America, and Europe.

Rising Land Prices Push Urban Farmer to Develop Creative Solutions to Increase Food and Land Access

Salt Lake City-based Green Urban Lunch Box (GULB) is one such endeavor that is utilizing innovative growing models to ensure urban farming fills the gap traditional farming cannot afford to maintain.

Grassroots Activists Tackle Food Waste and the Refugee Crisis

What does food waste and the refugee crisis have in common?

What's the Best Way to Improve Bee Habitat?

Large-scale landscape change — loss of wildflower-rich prairies to crop monoculture or conversion of open lands to suburban development, for instance — is a threat to pollinators and may play a major role in declines by making it harder for bees and other pollinators to find a meal.

As Primary Goal, Two Decades Old Community Farm in Tennessee Teaches People to Grow Food Sustainably

Initially established in a Knoxville, Tennessee, food desert, CAC Beardsley Community Farm has been donating its fruits and vegetables to area hunger relief organizations for almost two decades.

Farming Formerly Vacant Lots, Urban Ag Program Grows New Farmers and Fresh Produce for Food Deserts

An urban farming project in West Sacramento, California, aims to fill the area’s food deserts with fresh produce and create new farmers in the process.

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion: The Guerrila Update

I believe that is one of the things we’ve all learned since 1986. Neo-liberal governments have shut down action much more than they have shut down research and policy, and that’s one of the reasons why peaceful guerilla methods need to be explored.

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