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Born of Triumph and Tragedy, Social Justice Org Fosters Health Equity and Well-being of Communities of Color

Though D’Artagnan Scorza grew up economically disadvantaged amidst a food desert in South Los Angeles, his family created an oasis of fresh fruits and vegetables that left him wanting for nothing at home.

These East African Countries Show How Teamwork and Technology can Thwart Illegal Fishing

Composed of the six countries that drove out the Premier, along with Madagascar and Somalia, FISH-i Africa seeks to form a united front against illegal — or “pirate” — fishing.

LA Green Grounds Digs in to Build Urban Farms and Strengthen Community

Making vegetables a visible part of the community is what has guided LA Green Grounds ever since its founding in 2010.

Crowdsourcing the Food Commons Transition: De-commodifying Food one Movement at a Time

Today, the purchasing power of any given person determines how much and which type of food he can get access to – or physically produce it by own private means- as almost every single piece of food on Earth is already a private good. Or not?

Meat from the Moors: Is there a Future for Upland Sheep Farming?

Does hill farming have a place in the management of moorland or as George Monbiot argues, is it the scourge of the countryside?

Speaking of Death Speaks of Us

Farming has always been an intimate exercise in finding and maintaining a path to where we own the acts that sustain our lives — a path where killing (rather than thrilling) humbles and strengthens a respect for the fragility and value of life.

Growing Espalier Trees

Almost anyone who has a backyard or garden would do well to plant fruit trees for the years ahead.

An Objector’s Guide to the English Rural Planning System

With planning permission for a permanent rural worker’s dwelling hot off the press, we now have the green light to develop the farm long-term with security of tenure.

Food and the New Urban Agenda

I believe the New Urban Agenda has the potential to start a whole new conversation about food and cities and bring a whole lot of new people up to speed with where the early adopters have been -- left out standing in their field, looking for someone to talk to – for some time.

"A Crowd, a Host of Golden Chanterelles": my Wild Mushroom Initiation

It was my first experience of wild mushroom foraging, and it was magical.

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