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Open Sauce / Source for the Food Revolution

In opposition to corporate control and intellectual property, we need systems and processes which emphasize sharing and collaboration for food systems work.

Review: The Art of Fermentation

“Between fresh and rotten,” says Sandor Ellix Katz, “there is a creative space in which some of the most compelling of flavours arise.”

MoGro: Innovations in Health and Well-being for New Mexico’s Food Deserts

The challenge of local and healthy food access is a complex puzzle being addressed across the country, from pre-boxed home delivery companies like Good Eggs, to mobile farmers’ markets and healthy produce vans.

Falling Fruit: Mapping Free Food Around the World

Today, Falling Fruit is the world's largest foraging map, and the only one (to my knowledge) to be fully open source and open data.

Regenerative Agriculture: The Transition

In the face of peak oil and in order to curb carbon emissions, methods of farming that depend less on oil and natural gas, respectively to run machinery and to make synthetic fertilizers, must be sought.

Slow Money & the new Beetcoin

We need to learn how to earn, save and invest a new kind of coin. Consider BEETCOIN.

Pedalling the way to cleaner food

In keeping with the Dutch traditions of cycling and pragmatism, an off-the-grid, solar-powered, cargo e-trikes logistical delivery service has been born.

The Local Food Challenge wind up

Being a local relational eater in a consumerist world takes courage and commitment. A lot of it.

REIT, Drink, and Be Merry: Farmland LP’s Fund Gives Investors, Enviros, and Foodies Something to Cheer About

Farmland LP is an investment fund that buys conventional farmland, converts it to organic using a pasture and crop rotation, and then manages the farmland for an optimal mix of environmental health, food production, and financial returns.

These Two People Want to Change the World Through Cooking and Food Choices

When Adam Aronovitz and Alissa Bilfield set out to travel the world and serve others, they could not find a volunteer opportunity that fit their need.

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