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My Agricultural Grandparents

It is not uncommon for farmers to talk about the influence their grandparents had on their farming education and their eventual success in agriculture. I am no different.

The Revolution will not be Market Gardenized: Some Thoughts on Jean-Martin Fortier

It was suggested to me recently that I might like to pen some thoughts on Jean-Martin Fortier’s book The Market Gardener1. And indeed I would. Here they are.

Agroecology Now

The primary obstacle to sustainable food security is an economic model and thought system, embodied in industrial agriculture, that views life in disassociated parts, obscuring the destructive impact this approach has on humans, natural resources, and the environment.

Regenerative Citizenship and the Victory Garden

In 2009, at the height of the Great Recession and an impending energy crisis, a group of friends and I co-launched our local Victory Garden Initiative (VGI), which would later contribute the winning proposal for the City of Milwaukee’s adoption of Home GR/OWN, a program for (mostly) …

Food: Trading away our future? - Part I

We may not always think about it, but the origin of trade is found in ecology and not in economy.

Animals, Land and People: An Interview with Will Harris

Today’s farmer is facing a transformation. But it is not only the farmer. Equally important is a transformation of the appetite of the American consumer.

Erik Assoudourian Talks About Yardfarming on the Attitude  

Last week, Yardfarmers Project Director Erik Assadourian talked with Arnie Arneson on her show on WNHN 94.7 FM in Concord, NH about yardfarming and the latest news on the show. 

Beyond Honeybees: Pollinator-Friendly Farming for the Future

Imagine a world without strawberries, apples, chocolate, coffee, squash, or almonds.

Pandemonium and City Food Security

I supervised a university-level food studies class last week that, partly by design and partly by sheer accident, gave me some new insights into the challenges of city-oriented food security policy.

Former Pro Golfer Leaves Links to Pursue Promise of Greener Urban Farming Pastures

Mike Lott is not your run of the mill farmer. Not long ago, before making the decision to embark on a career in farming and launch his aquaponic and urban agriculture venture, Urban Food Works in Murietta, CA, Lott was a professional golfer.

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