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Urban Farming and Food Access Org Grows Hope and Food in Ypsilanti, Michigan

From its 1.4-acre site, the 501(c)3 organization Growing Hope operates hoop houses, a number of farmers’ markets, organizes more than 700 volunteers annually, works with state-run organizations and advocates on a national level to support and strengthen farmers’ markets.

Alleycat Acres Puts New Twist on Community Gardens in Seattle

Alleycat Acres has survived the immense challenge of losing farms to development and recommitted to their mission to reconnect people, place and produce.

Watching the Watchers

The exercise is based on the notion that we could, if collectively we so chose, organise ourselves into more localised and labour-intensive polities and economies, and that if we did so we might better secure our health and general wellbeing at a lower energetic and carbon cost.

Only Five Years in, Vermont Farm to Plate Strategic Plan Bears Fruit

The innovative and comprehensive Vermont Farm to Plate food system strategic plan unveiled five years ago has borne fruit.

How Three U.S. Mini-Farms are Sowing the Seeds of Global Food Security

Biointensive farms use 50 to 75 percent less land and 94 to 99 percent less energy to produce a given amount of food than does conventional farming.Research shows that biointensive farms use 50 to 75 percent less land, 50 to 100 percent less fertilizer, 67 to 88 percent less water and 94 to 99 …

Sheepwrecked or wheatwrecked? Towards a Wessex pastoral

A loose confederation of animal welfare activists, human health activists and environmentalists have popularised the view that globally we need to produce less meat and livestock, and it’s not a view I’ll quarrel with for the most part.

Building Soil from Scratch, Two Brothers Embark on Urban Farming Odyssey

The 2008 Farm Bill opened the door for new farmers and ranchers by allocating $75 million annually to launch the USDA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program.

Quality Produce and Strong Relationships Sustain Swainway Urban Farm

Being your local neighborhood farmer is a job that Columbus, Ohio urban cultivator Joseph Swain takes very seriously—and, to prove that, he may just bring one of his intensive garden designs right into your backyard.

Farm Hack: A Commons for Agricultural Innovation

In 2011, a community of farmers, designers, developers, engineers, architects, roboticists and open source thinkers came together in Boston, Massachusetts, to explore a simple yet radical idea – that great improvements in agriculture could be achieved by reducing barriers to knowledge …

Return to Sender: Food for Social Return on Food Investments

At last, a way to document the value of what we do to the bean counters who make decisions!!

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