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Saving our Bacon: What Price for a Life-Saving Antibiotic?

How much would you pay for an antibiotic to save your life, or that of a close family member or friend, £10, £100, £1,000, £10,000, even more?

Crowdfunding Tomatoes: Technology Platform Allows Consumers to Fund Produce

ProduceRun is a web-based service that allows farmers to “pre-sell” goods to local consumers via a crowdfunding-like platform.

Asking the Right Food/City City/Food Question

It amazed me how easy it was to shift from asking what an institution could do to do the right thing by food, to what an institution could do for itself if it had a more dynamic appreciation of food.

Lawn Farming, the Next Big Thing

Every home with a lawn becomes a potential farm.

Redefining Farm-To-Table Eggs in Minnesota: An Interview with Locally Laid Egg Company

Locally Laid Egg Company is a family-run farm in Wrenshall, Minnesota that is hoping to redefine farm-to-table eggs, championing the agriculture of the middle, and finding ways to strengthen rural economies.

After a Century In Decline, Black Farmers Are Back And On the Rise

These Black farmers don’t stop at healthy food. They’re healing trauma, instilling collective values, and changing the way their communities think about the land.

Three Hopeful Steps to Feeding the Planet by Feeding Yourself

No scheme, no data, just a simple conviction that producing, eating with love, and sharing with neighbors just might help feed the world.

What’s a Carbon Farmer? How California Ranchers Use Dirt to Tackle Climate Change

For many climate change activists, the latest rallying cry has been, “Keep it in the ground,” a call to slow and stop drilling for fossil fuels. But for a new generation of land stewards, the cry is becoming, “Put it back in the ground!”

A Floating Food Forest Prepares to Set Sail in New York City

Half public art project, half tourist destination, a floating food forest called Swale is set to launch along the New York City waterfront in June.

My Agricultural Grandparents

It is not uncommon for farmers to talk about the influence their grandparents had on their farming education and their eventual success in agriculture. I am no different.

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