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Climate Reckoning: My Own Private Coal Story

The takeaway: Strip-mining more than stripped the land; it stripped the traces of any human contact.

Breaking the Grip of the Fossil Fuel Economy: If It Can Happen in Appalachia, It Can Happen Anywhere

The people who agreed to spend their days digging coal from the underside of mountains produced enough power to industrialize the nation: They're owed something back.

Are You Ready for a Coal Town Turnaround?

What makes Sustainable Williamson potentially groundbreaking is that it involves allies who bring very different interests and occupations to the table.

Mountaintop removal provides Appalachian coal to Europe

Ever since Europeans arrived on this continent they have been digging and mining, shipping the fruits of these soils back across the Atlantic.

In Australia, an Uphill Battle To Rein in the Power of Coal

Coal mining has powered the Australian economy for decades.

Take a Frightening Tour Down America's 'Climate Change Highway'

I drove the “Climate Change Highway”...what happens along this road in the next decade may well determine our future.

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