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Community is Created by Filling the Cup: Talking Resilience with Lynn Benander

I think that if you haven't built connections with other people when good things are happening, they probably won't be there when bad things are happening. Community is created by filling the cup that you share with other people...

The Community Energy Revolution

Impact investing is investing to achieve a return in something you also believe in and wish to support.

Utility 3.0: How to Democratize Energy in the U.S.

In a December 2014 report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, John Farrell makes the case for a more radical shift, which he calls "Utility 3.0" or "energy democracy."

Community energy in Ireland: the technological aspects

It is important to keep in mind that technologies aren’t neutral.

Community Energy in Ireland: The financial aspects

One of the key recommendations is the feed in tariff which is probably inspired by the successful German implementation of solar energy.

Community Energy in Ireland: Societal Aspects

What is holding Ireland back from becoming more sustainable?

Creating A Durable Local Economy: Lessons from the Burlington, VT model  

An interview with local activist Bruce Seifer who co-authored the book Sustainable Communities: Creating a Durable Local Economy.

6 reasons why there's no community in fracking

But how does this push for fracking compare to a different approach, one built around community renewables, community ownership, and energy being seen in a wider context of local economic regeneration and resilience? Let's see ...

Sweet Victory for Clean, Public Energy in Boulder

Residents of Boulder, Colorado recently scored another huge victory in their pursuit of clean, publicly-owned energy. On November fifth, Measure 310, which was funded by energy giant Xcel and would have effectively halted progress on the project, was resoundingly struck down by voters.

6 Ways to Spark the Clean Energy Revolution

Renewable energy sources like wind and solar have made big leaps in the last few years, with installation prices falling and demand increasing. But we’re still miles away from where we need to be.

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