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Climate Change Mitigation's Best-Kept Secret

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas — but there’s a lot we can do about it.

Abandoned Oil Wells Spouting Significant Levels of Methane: Study

A Princeton University study has found that leaks from abandoned oil and gas wellbores pose not only a risk to groundwater, but represent a growing threat to the climate.

Fracking - headlines

•Marcellus shale legacy wells showing increasing depletion rates •Is the U.S. Shale Boom Going Bust? •Pollution Fears Crush Home Prices Near Fracking Wells •France's Total calls time on Polish shale license •EPA drastically underestimates methane released at drilling …

Energy Crunch: A new political consensus on climate change?

 Climate change is back in the headlines in the US and also in the UK.

Why Grassfed Is Best

“Eat less red meat” is the most frequent response I hear at conferences when a distraught member of the audience asks a presenter “What’s the one thing I can do for the planet?” What the presenter should have said is “Eat less feedlot meat.” A lot less, …

Fracking headlines

•Methane Emissions in U.S. Probably Top Estimates: Study •Top 10 beneficiaries of fracturing dollars in Congress •From sunset to new dawnColorado creates rules to reduce fracking emissions •Boom city keeps optimism as gas drilling slows •Americans Uninformed About …

Fracking - headlines

•Study Revises Estimate of Methane Leaks from U.S. Fracking Fields•Experts: Fracking Methane Leakage Study Financed by Gas Industry With Partner, EDF, is Deeply Flawed •The Oil & Gas Industry's Fractured Fairy Tales

Shale gas and fracking - June 28

•Josh Fox [Director Gasland Part II] on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart •Natural gas found in drinking water near fracked wells •Get fracking: MPs back the dash for UK’s shale gas •Polish town says 'no' to shale gas •Electricity prices soar in West Texas as shale …

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