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Once Unstoppable, Tar Sands Now Battered from All Sides

Is this the beginning of the end for the tar sands juggernaut?

Peak Affordable Oil

Using the assessment of the Bank of Canada, production of affordable oil at price levels up to $75 has peaked or is at peak since the turning point of 2005. This means that the global economy cannot grow “normally” again.

The Tar Sands Bubble

Without KXL, tar sands are a bad investment. By fighting the pipeline, activists have disrupted the industry’s bottom line.

Record Bitumen Seepage in Alberta Continues Unabated

The Alberta Energy Regulator is 100 per cent funded by industry.

Oil headlines

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Why the U.S. Is Becoming Ground Zero For the Dirtiest Energy

“We don’t want the unconventional fuel industry to gain a foothold on the Colorado Plateau,” said Taylor McKinnon of Grand Canyon Trust. “The U.S. unconventional fuel carbon bomb is bigger than Alberta’s."

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