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The end of airlines predicted by no other than former Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon in July 2008

Tony Abbott says it's the carbon tax that's hitting Qantas. This article tells it differently.

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•Guide Claims Warsaw COP19 Climate Talks Were Captured By Corporate Fossil Fuel Interests •Parts of Australia reaching threshold where it is impossible for normal life to continue because of the heat •Look What's Slowing Down Global Warming •Rejecting Man’s Bid For …

Sustainable Development Professionals: Does Your Flight Render Your Efforts Futile?

The Break Even Ecological Footprint (BEEF) concept provides a quantitative answer to the question of how long a Western IHE/SCD professional would have to live at a local, developing community Ecological Footprint level in order to offset the CO2 they emitted by air travel to the field.

Climate Question: Do We Get to Keep Flying?

An analysis of jet fuel alternatives that could be viable in the next decade.

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