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No Oil Price Rebound Yet: An Explanation in Two Charts

The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, February 10 proclaimed “Oil-Price Rebound Predicted” according to the IEA. - Not true.

How the U.S. could fight OPEC and win (and why it won't)

The United States could chose to fight back and possibly win this war with OPEC by employing one simple, big move. But, I can confidently predict that the country will not do it. Why? Because it involves a tax, a tariff actually.

Turnabout: OPEC shows U.S. oil producers who's boss

To paraphrase Mark Twain: Rumors of OPEC's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Oil Price Slide - No Good Way Out

The world is in a dangerous place now. A large share of oil sellers need the revenue from oil sales. 

Has OPEC Check Mated US Shale Producers

Faced with the prospect of losing market share to tight oil producers in the US, OPEC has simply taken the most prudent business decision. Keep the taps open.  

The Energy Independence Illusion

The purported benefits of energy independence are simple: an improved economy due to the reduced outflow of dollars, improved national security, and more flexibility on foreign policy, particularly with regards to the Middle East and now Russia. Those objectives are substantial, if they can be …

Shale gas, tight oil, and fracking - headlines

•Fracking Tied to Pennsylvania Water Woes by EPA Official •Industry Pressure Shuts Down EPA Fracking Investigations •EDF to exit US nuclear power over impact of shale gas •US shale threatens Saudi funding crisis and demise of OPEC •Fracking can take place in 'desolate' …

Fracking - June 4

•Fracking could ruin German beer industry, brewers tell Angela Merkel •Amerikas Schiefergas-Boom droht jähes Ende •Fracking Tests Ties Between California 'Oil and Ag' Interests •Most Americans don't give a frack about fracking •UK shale gas reserves may be 'bigger …