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Agency on Demand? Holmgren, Hopkins, and the Historical Problem of Agency

All these questions are questions of agency: to what extent, if any, can humans be purposeful agents of historical change.  This question, I will suggest, has up to now been given something like a free pass in much post-carbon discourse, for reasons that I will explain in depth later.  

Permaculture: The Big Rock Candy Mountain

When I first encountered permaculture, I assumed it had some new principles to suggest, was eager to test them, discard the lemons, and move on. I was wrong.

Principles for the Pulse that is Peak Oil

As I wrote in my post about the Pulse, “Howard Odum was of the opinion that all systems on all scales pulse. Storages gradually accumulate, consumers consume and develop, and eventually decline, and then dispersing materials that will be used in the next pulse.” And if “energy …

The Wave/Pulse of Human History

What I am aiming to explore in this post is the pattern of the pulse – a pattern that seems to occur in all natural systems. I want to look at how it has flowed through human history in the form of energy production and consumption, and how it relates to a number of my interests.

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