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U.S. Not Prepared for Tar Sands Oil Spills, National Study Finds

Spills of heavy crude oil from western Canada’s tar sands are more difficult to clean up than other types of conventional oil, particularly if the spill occurs in water, a new study by a high-level committee of experts found.

Record Bitumen Seepage in Alberta Continues Unabated

The Alberta Energy Regulator is 100 per cent funded by industry.

Difficult Truths about 'Difficult Oil'

As we work down the hydrocarbon pyramid, energy gets messier and much more costly. Latest in a series.

Line 9, the tar sands, and humanity's future

Often, at meetings about the environment, someone says that we must “think global, but act local.” That’s easy to say, but not so easy to do. It’s not always clear that local projects can affect the growing global environmental crisis, and even when there is a clear link, …

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