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As We Adapt to Climate Change, Who Gets Left Behind?

The documentary Weather Gone Wild reports on inventive ways officials and ordinary people are adapting to the predictable unpredictability of the more extreme weather we are experiencing—and will continue to experience, more intensely—due to climate change.

Wealthiest One Percent, Come Home!   

Chuck Collins believes that extreme wealth inequality and our global ecological crisis are bad for everyone, including those with great wealth.

Is GDP Over?

“Inequality is becoming unbearable,” former Inter-American Development Bank president Enrique Yglesias pronounced. Our economic chasms have reached “obscene proportions.”

Sustainability Metrics, Growth Limits, and Philanthropy

Humanity is approaching a time when philanthropy will be more needed than ever, to address proliferating environmental and humanitarian crises. Yet our existing philanthropic model depends upon growth, via returns on financial investments.

Property Rights, Inequality and Commons

I’d like to focus on the obsession in modern industrial societies to propertize everything, including life itself, and to use law as a tool to impose a social order of markets and private property as expansively as possible.

Basic Income (BI) & Intentional Currencies

If a Basic Income is indeed a Good Thing, then new currencies will increasingly seek to build it into their design from the outset.

Prosperous Descent: Crisis as Opportunity in an Age of Limits

Uncivilising ourselves from our destructive civilisation and building something new is the great, undefined, creative challenge we face in coming decades – which is a challenge both of opposition and renewal.

Can an Olympics Fight Inequality?

As someone concerned about inequality, what would it take for you to support the Olympics in Boston in 2024?”

Growing Calls for Sharing and Justice

The STWR report ‘Sharing as our common cause’ explains how a call for sharing is consistently at the heart of civil society demands for a better world, even though this mutual concern is generally understood and couched in tacit terms.

Bank Robbery: Inequality and the Banking System

Extreme inequality is the main economic, political and cultural evil of our times.

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