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"The Divide" Shows Inequality on the Big Screen

Inequality represents simultaneously a cornerstone and a weak link in today's capitalism.

The Vicious Spiral of Economic Inequality and Financial Crises

There is compelling evidence that economic inequality is both a result of, and contributor to, economic crises.

2011: A Year of Occupations that Changed the World

What has become of the great promise of social change raised by the “movements of the squares” of 2011?

The Renewed Debates on Sharing, Inequality, and the Limits to Growth

The people’s voice has taken centre stage once again in recent months, in which a call for sharing is palpable in the many agendas for social justice and true democracy.

#NuitDebout: a Movement is Growing in France’s Squares

Over the last month France has been rocked by mass protests, occupations and strikes, as a new generation takes to the streets to expresses its rage at labor reforms and growing inequality.

The End of Ordinary Politics

Archdruids may take vacations but politics never sleeps, and during the month that’s elapsed since the last post here on The Archdruid Report, quite a number of things relevant to this blog’s project have gone spinning past the startled eyes of those who pay attention to the US …

In Praise of Equal Pay: Towards a New Common Sense

The particular form of prejudice masquerading as common sense that bugs me the most (probably because it is the form that has effected me most directly) is the common sense notion that manual labor deserves less monetary compensation than managerial or intellectual labor.

The Decline and Fall of Hillary Clinton

The last couple of weeks in American politics have offered an interesting confirmation of some of the main themes I’ve discussed on this blog.

As We Adapt to Climate Change, Who Gets Left Behind?

The documentary Weather Gone Wild reports on inventive ways officials and ordinary people are adapting to the predictable unpredictability of the more extreme weather we are experiencing—and will continue to experience, more intensely—due to climate change.

Wealthiest One Percent, Come Home!   

Chuck Collins believes that extreme wealth inequality and our global ecological crisis are bad for everyone, including those with great wealth.

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