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Prosperous Descent: Crisis as Opportunity in an Age of Limits

Uncivilising ourselves from our destructive civilisation and building something new is the great, undefined, creative challenge we face in coming decades – which is a challenge both of opposition and renewal.

Can an Olympics Fight Inequality?

As someone concerned about inequality, what would it take for you to support the Olympics in Boston in 2024?”

Growing Calls for Sharing and Justice

The STWR report ‘Sharing as our common cause’ explains how a call for sharing is consistently at the heart of civil society demands for a better world, even though this mutual concern is generally understood and couched in tacit terms.

Bank Robbery: Inequality and the Banking System

Extreme inequality is the main economic, political and cultural evil of our times.

The Working of Non-violence

In the wake of the financial crisis, political elites have become more concerned about their own survival than about the purpose of politics, and the gap between what they say and what they do, between speech and meaning, becomes wider all the time.

The Global Economy’s “Impeccable Logic”

Does morality have any place in conventional economic thinking? 

Journalist launches online archive to document diversity of rural India

Although Sainath is known for his forceful critiques of people in power and the inequality built into contemporary economics and politics, just as often his newspaper work focused on the dignity of ordinary people in the face of injustice.

How Liberal Democracy Promotes Inequality

...Rates of global inequality are simply unprecedented. And neoliberalism is to blame.

Back to the Future for Economic Inequality

Apart from global warming, it is arguably the rise in economic inequality witnessed over the past forty years that constitutes the most significant threat to our democratic social order.

Let's win back Barcelona!

When the indignados occupied the public squares of Spain on May 15, 2011, demanding ‘real democracy’, they changed the terms of public debate.

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