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Why the Rich Should Reverse Inequality

All humanity is now wound together, our fate linked to our ability to respond to a planetary challenge bigger than anything we’ve ever faced before.

No, Capitalism Isn’t Making Us All Richer and Richer

If you frequent mainstream right-libertarian publications on anything like a regular basis, you’ve probably seen more than one of those breathless articles about how capitalism is making the ordinary poor person richer than a medieval king.

Book Review and Competition: 'Born on Third Base' by Chuck Collins

“Wealthy friends and neighbours”, he writes, “it is time to come home”, and “to come out of your gated communities and gated hearts”.

An Asteroid Called "Peak Oil" - the Real Cause of the Growing Social Inequality in the US

So, what was that "something" that changed everything in the early 1970s?

Equality and Sustainability: can we have both?

Would a fairer distribution of income worldwide diminish the damage humans are doing to the earth?

Energy and Justice

The ability to harness energy creates wealth and confers social power.

A Basic Income Would be a Step in the Wrong Direction

But beyond theory and the existence of alternatives that go beyond Keynesian patches, the narrative of the “guaranteed minimum income” (previously known as “basic income”) hides a good part of its moral, social, and political costs.

Planetary Crisis: We are not all in this together

“Building new political, economic and cultural systems and societies that are metabolically restorative, equitable, resilient, just, diverse and democratic. It is a challenge that could bring the different peoples of the world together, to build something better together and make history …

"The Divide" Shows Inequality on the Big Screen

Inequality represents simultaneously a cornerstone and a weak link in today's capitalism.

The Vicious Spiral of Economic Inequality and Financial Crises

There is compelling evidence that economic inequality is both a result of, and contributor to, economic crises.

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