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Equality and Sustainability: can we have both?

Would a fairer distribution of income worldwide diminish the damage humans are doing to the earth?

Energy and Justice

The ability to harness energy creates wealth and confers social power.

A Basic Income Would be a Step in the Wrong Direction

But beyond theory and the existence of alternatives that go beyond Keynesian patches, the narrative of the “guaranteed minimum income” (previously known as “basic income”) hides a good part of its moral, social, and political costs.

Planetary Crisis: We are not all in this together

“Building new political, economic and cultural systems and societies that are metabolically restorative, equitable, resilient, just, diverse and democratic. It is a challenge that could bring the different peoples of the world together, to build something better together and make history …

"The Divide" Shows Inequality on the Big Screen

Inequality represents simultaneously a cornerstone and a weak link in today's capitalism.

The Vicious Spiral of Economic Inequality and Financial Crises

There is compelling evidence that economic inequality is both a result of, and contributor to, economic crises.

2011: A Year of Occupations that Changed the World

What has become of the great promise of social change raised by the “movements of the squares” of 2011?

The Renewed Debates on Sharing, Inequality, and the Limits to Growth

The people’s voice has taken centre stage once again in recent months, in which a call for sharing is palpable in the many agendas for social justice and true democracy.

#NuitDebout: a Movement is Growing in France’s Squares

Over the last month France has been rocked by mass protests, occupations and strikes, as a new generation takes to the streets to expresses its rage at labor reforms and growing inequality.

The End of Ordinary Politics

Archdruids may take vacations but politics never sleeps, and during the month that’s elapsed since the last post here on The Archdruid Report, quite a number of things relevant to this blog’s project have gone spinning past the startled eyes of those who pay attention to the US …

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