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Inequality soaring with bloated executive pay

As income inequality in Britain continues to rise, research conducted by a British think-tank found that executive salaries are 162 times higher than those of the average worker in the U.K.

Telling Piketty the real reason why economies can't keep growing

Exactingly empirical and deeply multidisciplinary, Capital is an extremely important contribution to the study of economics and inequality over the last few centuries. But because it fails to address the real limits on growth—namely our ecological crisis—it can’t be a roadmap …

Global justice, sustainability and the sharing economy

With public interest in the sharing economy on the rise, a polarisation of views on its potential benefits and drawbacks is fast becoming apparent.

A Manifesto for Planetary Health

One of the most fascinating things I read recently was The Lancet's Manifesto for Planetary Health...

Thailand militarisation is symptom of accelerating global system failure

Thailand's latest authoritarian turn is a warning to us all.

The Politics of the Sharing Economy

The “sharing economy” is just as exhilarating and vexing as the Web 2.0 meme was nine years ago.

Piketty in Elysium

Concerns about economic inequality are driving summer blockbusters and New York Times best sellers. When will they start driving our politics?

The Sharing Economy: Capitalism’s Last Stand?

Access over ownership. After decades of excessive consumerism, this prospect sounded revolutionary. At first.

Book review: Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty

Thomas Piketty, a 43 year old, left leaning, French socialist economist, has written a 700 page book on inequality which has achieved something few would have thought possible. He has rocked the neo-liberal economic establishment to its foundations.

Michel Bauwens Invites Pope Francis to Help the Maker Economy

Following Pope Francis’ surprisingly blunt homily about capitalism in November 2013, my friend and colleague Michel Bauwens had the brilliant idea of proposing a practical way for the Pope and Catholic Church to help address economic inequality

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